December 03, 2016

So, Chelsea: Finished

It's done! And ... It's So, Chelsea! 

A while back I shared the start to this "So, Chelsea" quilt. The majority of the fabrics were selected by Amy Garro and my Grandma who both have given me quite the pile of "Chelsea" themed fabrics. These were then matched with some of my stash favorites and it all came together perfectly.

The pattern is Daydream from the book Striking Strip Quilts

  • Finished Size: 64 inches by 64 inches 
  • Pattern: Daydream 
  • Fabric: gifted fabric
  • Batting: 80/20 blend
  • Thread: Connecting Threads - Lavender
  • Quilting: straight lines

November 27, 2016

The Simple Life

It's official, my sewing area is in order! 

What better way to celebrate then making a mess of it again? 

Confession time. 

Over the last couple of years I have slowly stopped purchasing most pre-cuts. Although it's a practical way to purchase a whole fabric line, it's also limiting. 

Reflecting back my favorite quilts are those where I have pushed my color combination limits and not one of them came from a pre-cut. So, for me they aren't working in my stash. Now other people can rock a pre-cut like no-body's business, just not me.

That leaves the question, what to do with the 5 jelly rolls, 4 layer cakes, and 15 charm packs still in my stash. My only solution so far is to use them up! I have been cruising through books, patterns, and online to see what would work with the cuts I have on hand. 

Let's start the de-stash with a junior layer cake of The Simple Life by A Little Sweetness for Riley Blake. This was Tasha's first line of fabric and I fell in love. The pre-cut came with 21 squares, so I limited the pattern to 20 blocks in a 4 by 5 arrangement.

After much debate, I went with Framed by Silk Road Life. It definitely helps that the sample quilts used are Hello Luscious, an all time favorite, and PB & J. It was simple to cut (also fussy cut) and worked well with the colors in this line. Some of my favorite fussy cuts are pictured below :) 

Right now I am resisting the urge to "stack and wack" all the layer cakes in my stash ... 

If you are looking for some good pre-cut patterns I enjoyed this U CREATE post linking to many A+ blogger's tutorials.

November 23, 2016

Be Thankful

Here goes, 16 things to be thankful for in 2016 ... 

1 - Family: without their love and support my world would be much different
2 - Mike: well most days ;)
3 - Friends: the ability to make me laugh until it hurts and be there for me in all my life's ups and downs
4 - Indoor Plumbing: winter is coming ...
5 - Kindness: it must happen all the time
6 - Health: those surrounding me (and me) are in good health
7 - Coffee: some mornings wouldn't/shouldn't/couldn't happen without one/two/three cups
8 - My Sewing Machine: hand quilting would put a damper on my productivity

9 - Skinny Jeans: not the cut, but finally putting on those jeans you wore the last time you were "skinny"
10 - Creativity: what kind of world would we live in without creativity?
11 - Finances: finally being in a position to buy a house, even if the right one hasn't come along
12 - Snow Days - here is to the unexpected one day weekend, teacher perk
13 - Wine: the opposite end of the day to #7
14 - Fall Clothing: chunky sweaters and cords
15 - Podcasts - to fuel my knowledge and pass the sewing time
16 - Snooze Button: mornings are the worst

What are some things you are thankful for this year?

November 20, 2016

The Quilter's Planner: Review


One of my hobbies, is my planner. I love planning, planners, decorations, pretty much everything and anything to do with these little miracle books. In the past I have always used the Erin Condren planner. It worked but I still had a separate planner for my blog/quilting, and 4 notebooks to keep me organized. So it wasn't working all that great. 

What I really needed was a planner for quilters. A planner that understood my blogging/quilting needs and how my hobby works with the rest of my life. Enter Stephanie from Late Night Quilter's brain child, the Quilter's Planner. Winner.

* I love the color scheme so I don't feel like I need to decorate the pages as much (time saver)
* There are sections that replace 3 of my 4 organizer notebooks!
* I can use ONE planner for my blog/quilting and my life
* Price: compared to similar planners on the market the paper quality is the same for a fraction of the cost. 
* Comes with an eBook to some awesome patterns showcased each month
* Each week comes with a quilting tip, many have to do with free motion quilting. 

humble brag ... this is ME!

* One thing I did love about my EC planner was the changeable covers that could be customized
* All the stickers and extras that are on Etsy for EC planners (Steph just let me know you can get 1.5 inch stickers that fit the width for each day)

To order one, click here.

I cannot wait to have some time to get started filling in my 2017 dates!