October 19, 2016

Swell for the Win

Last month I decided to pull all my Bonnie and Camille fabrics for a quilt, learn more here. The final decision came between my tutorial Twisted Nines and Swell from Simply Retro. Clearly, Swell won. I was able to work on the top while at fall retreat.  It was a prefect retreat pattern! Simple so I could talk and not focus, but not too mindless.

A gigantic roll of batting arrived at the house yesterday. Now I need to baste some quilts so it fits in the closet!  Apparently last time I got the 20 yard roll, not the 30 yard. Those 10 yards make a huge difference. This roll is going to last a while!

October 15, 2016

Antique Adventures

Last month I took Mike to his very first auction. He got an antique shotgun, I got a quilt. Unlike Mike, who has spent hours meticulously cleaning his purchase, I have not. Hence this post seeking advice on how to move forward.

I made the rookie mistake of not examining it carefully before bidding. Although, it was only $45 and I do LOVE the colors. Now, I need to figure out what to do with this quilt ...

First up, cleaning. The quilt is very "loved" and is grimy. Any recommendations on cleaning?  Methods or products.

Second, repairing the damage. If you look at the picture above the damage is quite extensive. It has huge rips, and in many places the fabric has actually split. Someone has zigzag stitched with a machine over already repaired areas. Is this the method?

You can see the edges are very grimy. It probably won't all come out but hopefully a good bath will get some out. It will be nice to know it's clean.

Any advice from you all would be great! 

October 08, 2016

School Charity Quilt

At my school the family and consumer science teacher has always donated a raffle quilt. All the proceeds go to help needy families in our building, as many of the families need help with the holidays. 

The torch along has been passed along! 

When pulling fabrics from my stash, I went with a gender neutral theme. The quilt will be done using Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial Squares and Stripes. It looks like a nice quick pattern!

My absolute favorites in the bunch! 

October 04, 2016

Quote Quilt: Finished

While I have been on the hunt for a house, my HGTV viewing has increased ten fold. Including starting from the beginning of Fixer Upper and watching all the shows on Netflix. Talk about a productive summer. 

During this time I fell in love with Joanna's quote, "Today is a Good Day for a Good Day." With all the roller coster ups and downs of putting in offers and searching for that perfect home, this quilt seemed fitting. Leila Boutique had came out with a scrappy quote quilt and I had the brilliant idea to combine the two ideas.

Backing with a Bed Sheet: 
Currently, I plan to keep this quilt, so I backed it with a sheet set from Target in Ballard Blue (not an affiliate link). The 225 thread count worked will with a regular 80/10 needle on a domestic machine. I spray basted the quilt before quilting and had no issues with puckering or the spray baste not holding. To use the fitted sheet, I cut the elastic from around the edge. Once it was ironed flat it worked great, although it was a snug fit!

I did purchase the queen size so I could back two quilts from the same set. My Sugar Block of the Month quilt is going to get the same backing since the fronts are in the same fabrics.

Finished Size: 68 inches x 78 inches, Pattern: Spell It with Moda Fabric: Stash, Batting: 80/20 blend, Thread: Connecting Threads - Parchment, Quilting: Stipple

Large quilts on a domestic should come with complementary massages! My shoulders didn't like the workout.