March 02, 2014

Knitting Nuisances

I found some random yarn at my parents house from ages ago when I first attempted becoming a knitter.  I am left handed, and my Mom is also.  When I was young my Mom tried teaching me using my left hand, and it never clicked.  Then we figured out I knit with my right hand!  Weird, right?  Being left handed and knitting with my right!  At this point I was watching her and trying to make the stitches backwards.  Still didn't click and I ended up more confused.  Finally, my Grandmother taught me using my right hand.  It clicked, well sorta.  She taught me how to knit and purl. 

About 6 months ago I took out my knitting needles again.  So far, I have mostly made small wash cloths.  The small size makes them manageable.  I have been working on controlling my tension.  It's hard finding the balance of just right.  The cotton yarn is easy to work with and the final product is very useful.  Now I just have a ton of wash cloths! 

Just recently I purchased a Knitting book by Margaret Hubert.  It has been very helpful.  There are so many pictures of, well, everything.  I felt as though I was ready for more of a challenge, and this book has been great.  It covers all the abbreviations, and walks through all the stitches in photos and written instructions.

The book also includes instructions and photos for 200 patterns!  What makes me the happiest with this book is each of the patterns is labeled: easy, intermediate, or experienced.  To start I obviously chose an easy pattern called Trinity.  It has a nice lacy look that appears complicated.  My one complaint is I do wish the book would show the back or at least note if the pattern is double sided.

At the start of this project, I was not familiar with knitting from a pattern and my only goal was to not screw it up.  Let's just say I am thankful it's very easy undo stitches or just start over.  This is a picture of attempt 5 and I am just beginning to feel comfortable with the stitches (the poor yarn just looks overworked!).  Once again adding to my long learning curve.  

This project will become a blanket for a car seat and the largest project I have ever taken on!  So far the whole thing has either been a nuisance or an epic fail.  Too soon to tell which yet.  

Eventually I would like to make a small baby sized afghan.  At my current rate of progress that should happen sometime around the next decade.  Just going to have to stick with small projects for now ... 

Anyone out there have pointers for a newbie knitter?  I need some tips and tricks!!!  For now I am going to sit and eat some of these delicious wafers :)

Sew long for now, 



  1. No pointers, just applause and cheering! I am also a knit/purl girl, and heaven help me if I drop a stitch. Might as well just rip everything out and start over. I hope you keep going with this project and have a successful finish instead of an epic fail.

  2. I love the hand made dish cloths out of yarn, but I crochet instead of knit. Well, I did learn how to knit those beautiful scarves that everyone has. Good luck on your goals this month!

  3. Good luck on your knitting. That pattern looks very pretty. My advice to you would be to stay small. Don't be too ambitious. Do you know about ravelry yet? It's a fantastic knitting website