February 25, 2015

Reporting from Hive 6

FINALLY! I am getting a second to share February's stash bee blocks. Samantha wanted a disappearing 9-patch quilt made from navy, royal blue, lime green, white, and gray. After looking through my scrap bin I found some great fabrics in those colors, so much so, I made two blocks!

Samantha's question this month was have we made any goals for this year. Well, have I? So far the only thing I have accomplished is zippers, and lots of hopes and dreams.  This week is vacation so I am tackling my WIPs, more like making a small dent in the list. 

-Patch & Chels


  1. I love Aneela Hoey fabrics :) cute!

  2. The colours all go together really well and I love the feature fabric with the little girls on. Hope you have a lovely week sewing and reach all your goals too but be kind to yourself and have a rest as well, life is so busy!

  3. You always have such beautiful fabrics!