December 22, 2015

Pouches 2.0

And, I'm back at it. After completing my first round of pouch production some family members decided they wanted some to give away to friends as well. So, back on the assembly line for 14 more. This time I used decor interfacing and found it too thick, last time the interfacing I used was too thin.  Does this mean on my third production line I will get it right? Too bad there will not be a 3.0 version of this post! 

Although this time around I made some of larger size from the same Lola Pouch pattern by S.O.T.A.K. and smaller coordinating bags. The large bag is perfect for travel, while the small pouch is great for the purse or pencils. Just like the smaller version these were super easy to make. 

Then sometimes you just need a Christmas present for yourself. I couldn't part with these lovely strawberries, so they are mine! The other awesome gift I splurged on was a new DSLR camera.  Yay, I will be patiently waiting by the door to see the mailman arrive. The new camera comes with some great upgrades and cannot wait to see how the pictures turn out.

- Patch & Chels 


  1. Super cute bags...hopefully they're fast to make what with making 14 of them this round. And I must say...I hate interfacing roulette. I almost never land on the right one. Which DSLR are you getting? I upgraded my DSLR to an advanced hobbyist version and LOVE it. Hope that mailman arrives soon. ;)

  2. They are lovely I can see why your family members wanted more of them to give away themselves!

  3. The pouches are lovely and I hope the mailman is timely with the DSLR delivery; how exciting. :) Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh those are so pretty, well done to make enough to stock a shop! Lucky people who get one as a present,
    Happy Christmas from the UK,
    Kind regards,

  5. Happy Holidays Chelsea! Very cute bags and what a great splurge for yourself. Have fun with the new camera once it arrives.

  6. Very cute bags, I love the fabric combos you used.

  7. More great fabric choices and combinations.
    Enjoy your new camera. I have no idea how to operate anything other than a point-and-shoot pocket camera, so I will admire your fancy photos in awe.