June 06, 2016

Twisted Nines: Finished

Summer fever is in full swing for the students. The craziness that is happing in my classroom is insane. Just 10 more days! Not to mention my personal life has been non stop. Hopefully there will be updates on that front soon. Hint: I have been house hunting! (I could put in a 1,000 more ! points)

In the midst of all this crazy I did manage to whip up this baby quilt. If you don't remember I made the tutorial Twisted Nine's a couple weeks back. It uses two charm packs and a fat quarter for solid. 

It's a great little pattern if you need a baby quilt fast. 

To finish, I used a meandering stipple. This quilt finished up fast, only being 39 inches square. It's a nice baby quilt. The binding is a light mint color and the backing is bright pink polka dots. The colors ended up working out perfectly.

Fabric Used: - 1.5 yards
Net Loss: - 90.5 yards YTD

I cannot believe I have used almost a 100 yards of fabric AND still have so much around. It's been nice to see a "slight" decline in the stash. 


  1. This is a great little quilt! Best of luck with your house hunting.

  2. Yay for house hunting!!! Hopefully it will be less stressful for you than it was for me (I don't deal well with change, or the unknown, or being in stranger's houses...). I love this little quilt, so bright and happy. I have a few Christmas charm packs lying around that may get turned into something like this. :D

  3. Oh, house hunting is super exciting and scary all at once. I look forward to when you can tell us more (and good luck / I hope it all goes smoothly)! This is a very bright and happy quilt. And wow, almost 100 yards? I read somewhere that 1 lb of fabric is about 3 yards, so you have used somewhere ~30 lbs of fabric. How cool is that?!?

  4. This quilt is really cool, I love its bright and happy colors. Good luck house hunting, I hope you find something good!

  5. Ooh!!! House hunting, so exciting (and stressful all at the same time!). I like seeing this quilt all finished, it's just so cheery!