June 22, 2016

Sugar Block Club: May + June

Where has the time gone? Ack. Half year already done, summer vacation is HERE! It's officially the first day of summer and I am all about reclaiming my life. So much has gone unattended.

May blocks are done! I also put in some Granny Squares and a couple Rocky Mountain Puzzle blocks as extras. Not sure about the June block yet, so that check is pending on my to do list. I might replace it with something else.

This quilt is becoming a collection of my favorite blocks along with some blocks from this year's Sugar Block Club. Here are the new additions to the collection.

These put me at 16 out of 30 blocks, so official more than half way done!


  1. Welcome to summer! I hope you have a lovely summer vacation, these blocks are a delightful and a fun way to start.

  2. They look beautiful and very summery themselves!

  3. Such cheery blocks! Favorite quilt blocks will make a favorite quilt. Can't believe that summer is in full swing already. But of course, I'm looking forward to when the kids are back in school so that I have more sewing time!