September 30, 2016

Dog Days: Finished

At the beginning of the month, I participated in the Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop and created the block Dog Days.  At the time of the blocks creation I was in the midst of those dog days of summer. Now with fall in full swing, how I wish to go back to those lazy summer days. 

Instead, I will enjoy pumpkin spice everything! 

While visiting my parents last weekend, I got in a quick photo shoot of a couple recent finishes. More on the other one later. The backing from this quilt came in the mail and I spared no time getting the quilt finished! 

Mike and I had drove North to attend my Uncle's auction. He had some cool thread displays for J & P Coats and John Clark from before they became Coats & Clark! Both displays sold way over my budget. So disappointing. Although I did get an old quilt made from feed sack prints, it's in rough shape. I just loved the pattern and colors. Any advice on repairs and washing? 

Finished Size: 48 inches x 60 inches, Pattern: Dog Days Fabric: Scraps, Batting: 80/20 blend, Thread: Connecting Threads - Sky, Quilting: Swirling Wind

... and just because I love that tractor :) 


  1. Lovely finish to your quilt, Chelsea.
    The auction sounds fascinating. I have only tried to bid once at an auction, and the price quickly shot up beyond my means. We must have great taste to only want the expensive, sought-after items, right? :)

  2. Those country pictures just rest the eyes and make such a beautiful backdrop for the gorgeous quilt you sewed. Love your quilt!
    Also any info on repairing old quilts would be welcome. I have two old quilts of my mom's that I'm afraid to wash and not sure how to repair. Would you be so kind as to share any info you receive on your post? Thank you!

  3. Love that backing and binding on this one!

  4. Love this one- beautiful colors and the back & binding are perfection!

  5. Beautiful quilt! I always love your color choices!

  6. This is a beautiful summery quilt, Chelsea! I love the freshness.

  7. Lovely! Great choice on the binding and backing too!

  8. I always love your outdoor photos with quilts. You really get a sense of movement with this pattern. And thanks for throwing the barn photo in. I love it!