October 19, 2016

Swell for the Win

Last month I decided to pull all my Bonnie and Camille fabrics for a quilt, learn more here. The final decision came between my tutorial Twisted Nines and Swell from Simply Retro. Clearly, Swell won. I was able to work on the top while at fall retreat.  It was a prefect retreat pattern! Simple so I could talk and not focus, but not too mindless.

A gigantic roll of batting arrived at the house yesterday. Now I need to baste some quilts so it fits in the closet!  Apparently last time I got the 20 yard roll, not the 30 yard. Those 10 yards make a huge difference. This roll is going to last a while!


  1. Great choice on what to create and getting to piece it on retreat also sounds lovely. Good luck managing those extra 10 yards of batting. Something tells me it will be wrestled into your closet in no time. :)

  2. Beautiful! Love the fabrics and the patterns. And wow, that's a lot of batting!

  3. You cannot go wrong with those fabrics, Chelsea.
    Yes, a 30-yard roll will last you a while! I don't think I have a cupboard big enough for that!

  4. You couldn't go wrong with either pattern, but this one was my favorite. What kind of batting did you get? I've never gone the bulk route but I'm sure it's more cost effective.