January 04, 2014

Feedsack Prints

Another goal for 2014 was to use my stack of feedstack fabrics I have been collecting (hoarding) for the past two years.  It was time for these beauties to get cut.  

Here are some of my favorite prints :)

My first project of the year, was Remixed Flying Geese quilt, made with this FREE PATTERN designed by Erica Jackman from Kitchen Table Quilting.  I just loved the way it came out.  

 The quilt is about 51 inches by 66 inches, a great lap quilt.  Now I am debating about hand stitching or machine quilting the whole thing?  Ah, decisions.  

As I was cutting the squares for that quilt I was left with a stack of 3 inch squares among other scraps.  Most of these scraps are to pretty to just toss in my scrap bin.  I decided to come up with another project.  After all, I did wait two years to cut into this fabric.  

So the second project of 2014 will be a Granny Squares quilt, but with 3 inch squares instead of the traditional 2.5 inch.  The blocks will be larger but I think it will still look good.  

Thats all for now, 



  1. I love it. I have a '30's repro quilt all cut out, but not sewn. Guess I'd better get busy.

    1. I hope this gave you some motivation. Please send pictures of the progress! I would love to what you are working on.