January 13, 2014

Be ... Intentional

I have always wanted to complete a block of the month, but never have.  This was my year to give it a shot.  After looking at countless options I decided on the Sugar Block Club 2014.  The flicker album from last year was impressive. 

 All those beautiful solids blocks made me realize what I missed out on.  So, here is to completing another goal.  

 Thus far, I have picked out my color palette.  The pile focuses mainly on reds, corals, oranges, mint greens, creams, and navy with some random blue and gray fabrics.  

I don't typically work with warm colors especially bold reds and oranges.  This project will be a great chance to push myself into intentionally using unfamiliar colors.  

Of course, there are a variety of neutrals.  Amy is using linen  in her blocks.  Although, I love the thought of some luscious linen incorporated into my quilt.  I'm on a strict fabric fast so there will not be any purchasing of any new fabric.  These neutrals will just have to do.  Also, this whole bundle was all pulled from my stash! 

This little guy below has so graciously decided to help me with my Sugar Blocks!

Here is the color selection for the January block. 

Look my helper already finished a block ... ok maybe he had some help from your's truly.  

As for being intentional.  That would be a great theme for my year!  These past years I have had great intentions to sell my work, to start a blog, and push myself more creatively  This year I gathered all my intentions and became intentional.  It is my personal decoration to make 2014 my year.  As I work through the stresses of being a new blogger, I have found it challenging to alway be intentional.  My goal for this blog is to provide inspiration, help tips, and even someday tutorials.  As a teacher I do everything with intention in my class, otherwise I "lose" those precious teaching minutes.  Many hours are spent making sure every minute has to be calculated, planned, and deliberate in each class.  This year I'm working to transitioning that intention into my personal life.  

Sew long, 


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