January 07, 2014

Fabric Fast

My stash is not that bad, but, after spending a couple years stock piling fabric.  That madness is coming to an end.  The time I spent  wasted looking through fabric sites will now be spent blogging or sewing.  (And on Etsy - that't right I set up a shop!)  My goal is to complete a whole year.  So this is my public decoration to stop buying fabric in 2014.  


  • Use my current stash
  • Finish UFOs before starting new quilts
  • Stop constantly buying fabric (even if it's on sale!)
  • Make my not so favorite fabrics into charity quilts

  1. No fabric purchases for 12 months beginning January 1, 2014
  2. Create a UFO list and complete them
  3. The Exceptions: 
  • Backing & Batting: purchasing backing and/or batting to finish a quilt top after I have exhausted any possibilities in my current stash
  • Notions: needles and thread on an as needed basis
  • Books and Magazines: As long as they get used ... and not sit lifeless on a shelf
  • Quilts for Publication:  Currently that is not an issue, but a girl can dream!   

I would like to make it the whole year without purchasing fabric, but in reality I am not sure if I have THAT much willpower.  Just in case, I made two "Get out of Jail" passes to allow me the following: 
  • One pre-cut purchase (charm pack, layer cake, or jelly roll)
  • One fat-quarter bundle

Image of pre-cut ticket.

  1. Father's Dream - top done
  2. Notting Hill - top done  
  3. California Girl - top done
  4. Remixed Geese - top done
  5. Swell Quilt - top done

List is in the same order of image from top down.

Based on this list it's pretty clear where I run out of steam ... no joke basting is no fun! 

Thats all for now, 


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