March 19, 2014

J for Jolee

Back at my Spell it with Moda blocks.  These are so addicting!  I finished blocks A - D last week, and I cannot stop.

Here are blocks E - J!

This time I used some different solids for the letters.  I am liking how they all look together!  Next time I will take a group shot so you can see too.  

I also whipped up this little mini quilt for my friend Jolee, who has recently started quilting.  Thought she would like a mini to decorate her sewing space :).  Hers got a little star in the corner.  The funny thing is, as I was top quilting this project I noticed her last name was in the text.  How ironic, totally unplanned and perfect.  

Sew long for now, 



  1. Jolee is going to love this! It is such a thoughtful and inspiring gift! Funny that her last name was in the text fabric. Meant to be!!! All your letter blocks are coming along nicely, Chelsea.

  2. The background fabrics you are using with all the different writing on them are wonderful. I really love the balance sheet!