October 07, 2014

9(9) problems but a {stitch} ain't one!

PSA: I just have to start by saying this community of bloggers is probably the most compassionate, kind, and thoughtful group of human beings on the planet. You are encouraging and always say the right things to make me feel better, mind and body. Last post, I talked about finding peace with some big decisions in my future. I have worked out my thoughts and come to a decision. It was amazing how quickly the stress melted away, and I feel this choice will make the happiest. You were all so great with your well wishes :) Thank you for being so wonderful, I feel blessed to be apart of such a great network of quilters and friends.

Now on to regularly scheduled blogging ... 

Amy over at 13 Spools has done it again! I admired her courage to air 10 of her quilting confessions now she is sharing 9 #quiltersproblems. The problems in life quilters only seem to understand. Here goes my 9 problems ... although some days it feels more like 99.

1. Running out of bobbin thread in the last 2 inches of your project. 

2. Taking a quilt into the sunlight only to find out all whites are not the same shade.  

3. Being inches short on a backing (really hate being inches away from anything!)

4. Realizing the backing fabric has a bunch of puckers after completing 90% of the quilting.

5. Getting halfway through a project only to realize it's ugly, dreadful, and/or putrid.

6. Tension on the machine is off and spending a whole sewing day futzing with the thing before beating the machine back into submission, not before completely cleaning and oiling every part hoping it helps or any sewing machine troubles, really.

7. The love/hate relationship with the seam ripper.

8. Drowning in WIPs while starting another project frantically cutting with a dull rotary blade.

9. Realizing a piecing mistake in the middle of the quilt only to have to take the whole top apart. 

If you want to share your #quiltersproblems link up to Amy's post so we can all commiserate with one another!

-Patch & Chels


  1. I can relate perfectly to at lest 7 of those! I did the is this white thing twice this week alone!

  2. The whites one is so true!!! I have two matching quilts that I haven't finished because of that. I quilted the first one and took it outside to take a picture, and the whites are sooo off. I still haven't put binding on. It's been almost a year, and it's still too soon.

  3. Oh, another fun list! I totally feel you on these, but #1 is my top pet peeve - why do bobbins always run out just a bit too early?!?!?

  4. I have second thoughts about projects halfway through all the time! And the tension on my machine...................no more to say on that matter. Haha this is fun :)

  5. I am with you on so many of these problems :)

  6. Ohhh I so agree with your list, #2 is one of those things that gets me again and again and again!!!!

  7. I had #3 on my daughter's quilt. No matching fabric to be found anywhere! Ugh!

  8. Oh mannnn - I can relate to ALL of these!!! I cringed for you, haha!

  9. 3, 5 and 8 push all my buttons. The amount of times that I have miscalculated backing fabric!