October 16, 2014

Tone it Down! Update ...

First of all... the WINNER of Mondays giveaway goes to ....

Teresa if you could e-mail me your address, I'll get these in the mail!

You all had AMAZINGLY nice things to say, this week has been kinda crazy at school with grades being due ... eek.  Rest assured that I read each and every comment, although I didn't respond (sorry poor manners).  Thank you again for making this blogging journey such an awesome experience!

Now on to regularly recorded blogging ...

It's official the packages have arrived and Michelle (From Bolt to Beauty) and I have sorted them into 28 perfect little bundles of fabric for you all :). Michelle is mailing them today or tomorrow. There wasn't one bad fabric in the bunch and that is saying something. Every time Michelle would reach for a new bag of fabric I kept getting giddy with delight. I have seen most on our Flickr page but seeing them in my hands was just so much better! 

Now I just need to come up with a plan to use them, my mind is racing and it's difficult to settle on just one idea. We are encouraging people to post what they make from their packs in the flickr group so we can see what all these magical squares become! Here are some fabric highlights or fabrics I got exceptionally giddy about ... 

Lately, some of my peeps have been asking about finding low volume fabrics, here is a linked list of some low volumes I am currently loving.

Almost every line of fabric has at least one low volume print, the key is finding them because they don't always draw you in with beautiful prints and colors. Most fabric sites allow you to look by color way, so searching whites and creams brings up most fabric that would be considered low volume. Some sites even let you search low volume! I try to get a selection of both cream and white backgrounds to add to the scrappy look.  Also very pale tan's and gray's add some pizzaz.  

Also look at the goods Michelle gave me for helping organize the swap! I am thinking Christmas gifts from this book. 

****If you missed this round Michelle and I were already talking about doing another swap this winter after the holiday.  We are not sure of the theme yet, but stay tuned!

-Patch & Chels


  1. So cool that the swap worked out well and that you are giddy with what you received! :)

  2. that is a stack of some low-volume awesomeness! and i love that book. =)
    stopping by from NTT

  3. Thank you so much! I have emailed my address and I look forward to receiving the beautiful bundle of fat quarters! Your low volume squares are great. I have a few of those fabrics in my stash and I hope to start a scrappy quilt with them this winter. Thanks again!

  4. Those low volume squares are all so pretty. What a great swap! The book of dolls looks like a fun project reference, too. Lucky you!

  5. How lovely that all the fabrics are beautiful! I can see you having fun with that book.
    Congrats to Teresa!

  6. I love EVERY single fabric that came in with this charm swap as well! I already have a layout of what I am going to do and before I talk myself out of it I will be just going with it. Super fun and look forward to future ones!