November 05, 2014

List o' WIP

Ok this summer it was no secret how I had an epic list of WIPs that needed some control. At one point I was up to twenty, which is a huge amount for me (insert me pulling out my hairs!). Well, months have passed and many quilts did get finished, but I still have quite a list of WIPs to go. In fact, I have started a couple more even before getting to my goal of five. This post is mostly for me to document what needs to be done in terms of WIPs to finish out the year.

Farmer's Wife - top finished

True Pink -  top finished

Sugar Block of the Month - 6 more blocks to go

Aja's Twin - blocks completed, top needs to be assembled

Dapper - binding to be hand-stitched (sorry no progress shots)

Thimble Blossoms - top finished 

Patriotic Star - top quilted, need binding

Fireworks - need to finish blocks, 10 of 19 done

Large Swell - finished, need to photograph and blog

+ Scrappy HST - top finished, no photos

+ Looking Glass - top finished

In case you weren't counting, that's 11 in all. Ok, down from 20 but still I feel it's quite excessive in my world. Looks like the end of 2014 shall be a productive time! Also some of these quilts are going to be gifts this holiday season so that is additional motivation. 

-Patch & Chels 


  1. You have some wonderful quilts in progress. Your piecing is so precise and I love all of the colors you used in the quilts. Good luck with all of the quilting to come :)

  2. Wow! I think you did a great job tackling all those WIPs! They are all beautiful.

  3. At least so many of these are ready to be quilted - you are close to finishing up a good many of them! Hang in there and I hope that your 2014 ends on a productive upswing! :)

  4. I love seeing all your projects like this, all on one page. :D One long page of happiness - for me at least. I'm sorry you're pulling your hair out. :( But it sounds like you have a plan, and that's the first step!

  5. Good luck to accomplish all your goals for the rest of the year and reduce your WIPs!

  6. Thank you Chelsea! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about the projects I have, but I'm down to 7 so that's progress. It's good to know there are others who also have tons of work to do! :)

  7. Oh my goodness what a collection of projects. They are all gorgeous and hard to pick a favorite. Good luck finishing them :)
    By the way I received my charms from the swap. Thank you so much for hosting the swap I can't wait to turned them into something pretty.

  8. Love all the quilts and the blocks and all the colours - thanks for sharing :)

  9. On the brightside you have a lot of completed tops! Once you baste them you could have a quilting party and do one after the other assembly line style which could help knock them out! I find being so close to the end and having to make a handful of extra blocks, and then having to put the top together is one of the worst parts and where I tend to stall the most!

  10. Wow, you have a large and beautiful collection WIPs. You've been busy!

  11. The only thing excessive is the progress. Well done.

  12. Whoa! These are some awesome photos of what you have going on and they are all so beautiful! Busy busy busy!

  13. These are great! You have some amazing finishes headed your way soon. Patriotic Stars and Large Swell are beautiful. I'd love to see Fireworks in color! (I'm also intrigued by it being a 19 block project.) BTW, I don't even want to count my WIPs and I'm queuing up new piles of fabric to start even more projects. :-)