December 13, 2014

Be ... Still

The lucky winner is commenter #110.

Your Patriotic Stars quilt is my favorite. I've been wanting to make one very similar to it. Thanks again!
Congrats Sarah, I sent you an e-mail with your new patterns :) 

This month Stitchery Dickory Dock inspired us to be still. LOL, yeah that's not me. The last thing I am able to do is nothing. Don't get me wrong I have no problem watching a movie marathon, but there will be hand-quilting or knitting needles in my hands. Something will be getting done. My mind cannot be still. If I need to unwind, it usually means reading a book. I find it's the only way for my mind to stop reflecting, perfecting, and creating.

The December block is awesome. I actually made four to complete my Sugar Blocks. That's right, all months are done and all 30 blocks are finished. Now, I need to start adding the sashing and getting this top done! That part I am ok with starting next year, when the snow is flying and holiday sewing is done.

What is everyone else doing to keep there sanity in this month of insanity?

-Patch & Chels


  1. I've been sewing. So much sewing. It's helping me avoid eating my feelings this month, since I found out that my job position will not be renewed with the New Year, and I'll be unemployed after January 9.

  2. Thanks for this great giveaway and congratulations to the lucky winner.

  3. Hello. I love these blocks. Did you have a tutorial ? I can work out what to do but I just wondered what size you cut your pieces of fabric; the one with the flying geese.

  4. Wow! Those blocks are beautiful! Look forward to seeing it all come together! December can be a little taxing for sure! This year we have decided to simplify wherever possible. So for us that means not rethinking party menus from the beginning (do overs are fine), shorter shopping lists, more time just having cookies and beverages and sitting in front of the fire. Mostly I find staying out of the malls and ignoring the tsunami of retail emails helps a lot!!

  5. I feel wrong watching TV without knitting or hand sewing too. It is a shame, as it makes watching foreign films really tricky, and I really like them. Have you ever tried to knit or sew and read subtitles at the same time?
    Nice blocks!

  6. Oh, these are some super sweet blocks! Lovely piece work, Chelsea!