January 01, 2015

Patch's Goals for 2015

Happy New Year! It's officially 2015 and time to share Patch and I's goals/ambitions for the upcoming year. Last year this list was so easy to create. I was walking into unchartered territory with starting a blog. I wanted to do it all! This year I want to refine my goals and focus my energy. Therefore, this required so much more thought. 

1. Find Balance. 
Last year I started working out and blogging. It has been stressful adding two demanding hobbies into my life at one time. This year I hope to fall into a schedule that will allow me to feel accomplished without feeling stressed.

2. Charity Quilts
I hope to finish a few charity quilts. This was something I had on the list for last year and never did. Well I have the tops done but not finished. Over the year I would like to get some finished and donated. Actually, I hope to get one done per quarter. 

3. Zippers.
Zippers just look like a challenge, so it's about time I actually learn how to sew them in.

4. Curves. 
At the end of last year I signed up to take a class on curves with my quilt guild. One of the ladies graciously twisted my arm. It was the jolt I needed to take the plunge into learning something new. Still nervous about taking a class with a professional.

5. Embrace the Process.
Many times I just share the end results and not talk about the process or take process shots. I have always wanted to share these moments but I get caught up in the moment and forget to take pictures. This year I hope to talk more about process and show more of how I work. 

6. WIP Control. 
Story of my life. Looks like I am officially down to 5 WIPs!  This has been on the steady decline since summer. After the struggle to lose 15 WIPS (yeah it's as hard a losing weight!), I hope this year I can keep projects coming and going at a steady rate instead of collecting projects.

7. Purge.
Last year began en epic purge/fabric stash decline. This year I hope to keep using up the materials I already have before going and purchasing anything new. I have many scraps that still need to get purged. There are a couple scrap purge quilts I have lined up for the new year. Hopefully they will make a dent in the pile.

8. Diet Restrictions. 
Over the last year I participated in a Fabric Fast. I did not hold true to my restriction, even splurging a couple times last year. On a good note, more fabric was quilted than purchased in the last year, yay. The experience was great to see how much fabric I really need on hand in my stash. This year I am not going to fast, but I am going to stick with purchasing just things I need. 

9. Learn My Machine.
Black Friday specials were very good to me! I bought a Pfaff, surprise. Not sure I shared that information yet. More on that later. I did FMQ my sister's quilt, but that was a huge learning curve. There are so many bits & pieces that go with my machine I have no idea how to use. The machine came with 2 free classes. Now I just need to find the time and the arm strength to get it back downstairs and to the shop.

10. Lose Weight.
Weight loss isn't a quilting goal, but in my quest to find balance might as well put everything down in the same place. The theme this year is 15 pounds for 2015. In the last weeks of 2014 I started running again and got a gift certificate for new running shoes. It's going to be my year to look great!

11. Travel More.
My Best Friend and I are traveling to New Orleans this spring to celebrate our 30th birthdays. It's our Fabulous and Thirty trip. I have always liked to travel and cannot wait to get back out and see things. I also hope to visit my cousin in Denver this summer. No time like the present.

12. Be a Friend.
Growing up my father always said, "To have a friend you must be a friend." Last year I gained many friends out in the blogging community. This year I plan to keep my old friends and hopefully gain a few more friends.

13. More Tutorials.
Last year I started off strong and made a few tutorials, but then I got weighed down with blogging. In 2015, I hope to put out a tutorial ever couple months. In the last month I have been collecting some tutorial ideas to help me out when I find myself in a slump.

14. Enjoy the Moment.
In all aspects of my life I tend to be so focused in getting thing done I forget to enjoy the moment. In the classroom, I am always worried about the time and making sure we get everything done I sometimes forget to enjoy my students. Same thing goes for sewing, when things are going well, I need to celebrate those moments.

15. Keep Going.
With 365 days of blogging under my belt, this year I am excited to see how much more this year will bring. Every month I kept thinking, "It can't get better than this." Then it would. I am happy to have all you joining me in my quilting adventures this year :)

Cheers to another year,
-Patch & Chels


  1. Go you! This sounds like a challenging but fun list! I have two thoughts ...

    I am also intimidated by the advanced improv curves class. To get my feet wet, I'm taking Stitched in Color's Curves class. For $55 (this week's price), you get a five-week course, an additional month of access to the class blog, and an ebook. Kim (lelandavestudios.com) is also doing it. See? All the cool kids are involved! Give it a think ...

    I've found this amazing weight-loss method. It's called the flu. You feel like death and are convinced that you're never going to want to eat again. OK, I need to go lie inert on the couch for another day ...

  2. I hope that you have a wonderful 2015, finding balance seems to be a life's work, and it is definitely something I think about often, too. I hope you have a fantastic trip to New Orleans with your friend, and I look forward to seeing what to create this year. Happy New Year!

  3. Great list! I am a big fan of making lists and setting goals...so long as I remember that progress on each goal is almost as important as completion!

  4. Great goals. Balance is always one I have to work on.

  5. Great resolutions I love them Chelsea! I know what you mean about zippers I finally conquered them this year and truthfully they are so fun to actually doI look forward to actually seeing your work with them. Can't wait to see where 2015 takes us!

  6. You have set yourself a good series of goals there Chelsea I shall enjoy following your progress :)

  7. So I am not the only one who fell of the fabric diet wagon. (Mine was a diet, not a fast!) I too feel I have sewn up far more than I bought, and my 'naughty' parcel has not yet arrived in the mail. Like you, I am going to try to continue to be careful and focus on the WIPs.
    Zippers are not so scary when you get to know them. A zipper foot is essential, that's all. You can do it!
    I would also like to do more of #2 in 2015. Humidicrib quilts are my charity quilt of choice.

  8. You've laid out some ambitious goals for 2015! Looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck!

  9. Sounds like a great year! Rachel at Stitched in Color has an amazing Invisible Zipper tutorial...

  10. Wow, great goals! I haven't made a list, but I can see a lot of things on yours that I should strive for. Have a wonderful year! I look forward to reading your posts.

  11. #10 is on my to-do this year as well (actually was last year also...).

    #5 I've been slacking on too, especially with IG around and being so easy to share there!

  12. You have some fantastic goals for the year - if you get through even half of all that I think it's going to be wonderful!

  13. Great goals! I need to write mine down. I did zippers for the first time this year and I survived! You can do it! I'm still nervous about them. Do you think they can smell fear like animals? :)

  14. Happy 2015! These are great goals and all of them are definitely within reach. Balancing everything is always a struggle for me, especially with a little one at home still but I'm determined that with practice, it will continue to get easier. And hey, congrats on the new machine!

  15. Happy New Year - fantastic goals. I'm going to try and get my UFO list down too, a bit more focus to finish things!