June 03, 2015

Update on Hive 6

Last month I was late mailing out my block (ok, really late). This month I will not be the slacker! (still sorry Nicole). Nancy is working on a quilt for her father, she wanted white, light grey, dark grey, and black with a red stick. Here is the final product.

Once again this month got away from me. For weeks these blocks laid out and waited to be photographed, so long they got misplaced. A couple days ago I finally found them again to photograph and send out. Although I wasn't crazy late, but still late.

Nancy's questions this month are; three favorites:
Flower - Lillies
Color - Aqua
Non-Quilts Activity - Baking

So I am going to turn it out to you all, what are your favorite things?

-Patch & Chels


  1. The touches of red are really nice in the blocks!

    Flower - California Poppy
    Color - Cobalt Blue
    Non-Quilts Activity - Walks with my husband

  2. Love that black text print - nice colour combo for a bee!

  3. Those blocks are neat, I like the variations with the size and position of the red stripe. I can totally connect with the "whoops meant to photograph and post that" feeling. 1 baby quilt, 1 throw quilt, a pillow and a shirt are done and waiting to be photographed at my house!

    Love these questions so I've got to play too!

    Flower - Stargazer Lillies (I have a tattoo of lilies actually!)
    Color - all of them though my boss asked if I'm obsessed with purple cause apparently I wear it a lot...come to think of it I'm in purple today again!
    Non-Quilts Activity - line dancing

  4. Flower - peonies (but I like all flowers, really)
    Colour - red
    Non-sewing activity - reading.
    I think this block has been a really clever choice by the queen bee. They will look really effective all together.