June 21, 2015

Sunday Stash

Another school year is finally over! The group of students I had this year was just short of fantastic, seriously they just might be my favorite class of students, ever. The end of the year was filled with activities and events that pulled me away from sewing but was well worth it! It was hard to watch them go, at least I can still see them next year in the building.

Now, its time to bring on summer vacation and dust off the computer and get back to blogging. Well really, time to dust off the sewing machine and get sewing! Today was spent coming up with my summer to do list including writing down all the WIP's I have going on. Let's just say it's quite the list. Looks like I will not be short of things to work on with all my new free time. At our last guild meeting I picked up these four lovely fats, they would make such a cute girl quilt. 

One of my students this year also loves to sew, but actually has talent making clothing. I was always in envy that she was able to make such great fitting clothes. As my end of the year gift she got me this set of six fats, and a gift card to our LQS. Such a great and thoughtful gift. Love these polka dots, and crosshatch in all colors! Like I said already, this group is going to missed so much. 

Hope everyone is enjoy the first bits of summer!

-Patch & Chels


  1. Love those polka dots! As a parent our sewing times are reversed. I'll be lucky to get much sewing done this summer, except the weeks my son is at morning summer camp. Then I'll be sewing as fast as I can in a 3 hour window. Who knows what I'll do when fall comes since I might be going back to work full time. Then I don't know when I'll ever get to sew! I wish I didn't love sleep so much, as that'd be the perfect time to sew.

  2. What a delightful gift from your student - wow! I hope you have a lovely summer and I can't wait to see what you create! :)

  3. love the fabrics you picked up at the guild meeting! They would make a lovely quilt!

  4. What a great gift for your student.

  5. Your student obviously knows what you like!