April 14, 2016

Half Square Hell

Anyone ever look at a stack of HST and think, "what the hell!" 

That's me each and every time I look at even one HST. So, times that by 200ish. 

I belong to the no waste community of quilters. It's just wrong criminal tossing so much good fabric away. So while making my latest pattern, I ended up with a 200+ HST byproduct.

Jokes on me. As part of my design I used flying geese so I could avoid trimming HST. 

Who's not laughing now. 

Back to the drawing board on the design. The pattern ended up using HST. Less fabric use, less waste.

A quilting miracle did occur recently. I hosted a quilting bee at my house with some NHMQG members to help teach the members about paper piecing and while people waited to use a machine they started trimming.

And trimming. And trimming ... Finally I got some quilting minions! 

Eventually the whole stack was completed. It was a great day.

Now that these suckers are all trimmed it was fun to get out my HST Quilt Along pages and start over with this bold array of colors. The best part was knowing that no trimming would have to happen :)

Check out the blocks so far. At this point my original Sunrise Stars pattern is a 2 for 1 special. Oops.

Eventually there will be 16 blocks ... so more to come. 

Luckily, I am headed to retreat this weekend. 

Tomorrow is only a day away!!!!!! 

There is so much potential packed away right now, maybe too much. Either way I will be excited to share what I am able to accomplish in three sewing days! Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty is my wonderful co-pilot as we head north to Marden's then retreat, oceanside. 

I am already doing a victory dance as I finish packing thinking how great it's going to be! 


  1. How will I ever fall asleep tonight?! Ack!

    Love how these blocks are turning out. I look forward to seeing the complete set and how that denim blue pulls everything together.

  2. A stack of flying geese can get the same reaction from me. All of those bright colored HSTs are making for some beautiful blocks. And three days of sewing oceanside?? I'm so excited for you. Hope you have lots of fun, are very productive and participate in lots of laughter. It's just as good aa quilting for the soul.

  3. How awesome that you got some trimming help. Quilting minions sound like just what we all need in our lives! I hope you have a great retreat. I'm only a little jealous. ;)

  4. Great that your HSTs are working out for you after all, and especially that you had help with all that trimming! Don't give up on Flying Geese. Next time you're thinking of using them, you might like to try the no-waste four-at-a-time method.

  5. I, too, hate the daunting task of trimming down HSTs. I can almost hear your evil laugh when you got some quilting minions to do your bidding! Love the look of HST blocks though and these are going to be beautiful.

  6. Blocks look great, waiting to see other blocks, when you get the change.

  7. I love the simplicity of solid fabrics with intricate designs. And what a great idea to get help with all of that trimming! :)

  8. I love the colours, this is going to be a fantastic quilt. I am making HST at the moment but using the preprinted paper pattern on a roll. It is much easier but now I have lots of ears to trim. Looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  9. As we've discussed, I completely agree with you when it comes to HST's! But these blocks are lovely so it may be all worth it!

  10. I can relate to this! Waste is criminal.
    Great work on enlisting trimming helpers.