April 17, 2016

Sunday Stash: Good to Be Bad

For the good:

My gram slipped me some left over blues from a quilt she just finished. Aren't these awesome.  

The second from the right is a spectacular color that is hard to find, so that is super exciting! 

More good: 

At our guild's February meeting, I scored three one yard cuts of Gardenvale. Raffle win, so it doesn't count towards my fabric purchased. Bazinga!

Typically purple isn't my thing, but I'm LOVING that middle print.

Now it's just good to be bad: 

Usually I despise most notions. They are just extra clutter and crap to keep around my already full sewing nook. Most things are not necessary, nice, but not necessary.

During our last paper piecing bee over at my house we did decide that the add a quarter inch ruler was necessary in both the 6 and 12 inch lengths.

Here is the point of that little story.

We all went in on a ruler purchase and I needed $40 more to get free shipping. So in turn, I needed some backing, a 3 yard cut of Canyon by Kate Spain to go with the layer cake I purchased on New Years. A charm roll of Kona solids also went in at a super cheap price point.

Net: +6.5 yards (not counting my freebies!)

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  1. I somehow missed this post, so I'm a bit late in commenting. Blue is my favourite colour and I love those 6 you got from your 'gram'. I've been collecting blue fabric and wondering what pattern/block to make with it. I'll keep checking to see what you come up with, for some inspiration :)