December 16, 2016

Herringbone Quilt

Rachel @ Stitched in Color has been a long time inspiration. She was one of the first quilt blogs I followed, and is still blogging. Last year she updated her Herringbone Block Tutorial to use 2.5 inch strips and I have been dying to make one myself. Plus her color use of pinks, browns, and blues made my heart patter. Truth be told, all her color combinations make my heart patter! 

The tutorial is super easy to follow even though the block looks complicated! I did a few test runs before cutting and was impressed with the ease.

I have been working this pile of fabric for a while and finally settled. Les Fleurs was the final addition before the cutting began.  The darker colors provided a nice contrast to some of the pale fabrics. Some metallics also snuck in at the last minute! 

Here are my testers, this quilt has me quite excited.


  1. I like it~2-1/2" strips could have used a precut??? :)

  2. This is looking awesome! Your color scheme is fun!

  3. Love her work also! So inspiring! This is going to be beautiful! I have a lovely pile of Les Fleurs that I will someday find a project worthy of it!!

  4. ohhh so so pretty, love those colors

  5. Great fabric selection and I look forward to seeing how the quilt comes together for you. I love that a few metallics snuck in. :)