April 08, 2014

Epic Amounts of Finished

These poor quilts have sat on the couch for a few weeks waiting to be finished.  So, I guess it was time to start.  Typically I am pretty prompt with my binding. The anticipation of the finish and another project off the list really motivates me.  Not lately, I had THREE quilts patiently waiting to be finished!  I am so excited to have soooo much to share today! 

Odds & Ends
 48 inches x 60 inches

My Aunt Nona quickly laid claim to this one, so I made her pose with it :)

Funky Churn Dash
47 inches x 53 inches

Spring Weathervane 
48 inches x 60 inches 

Ok, that was a lot to share.  So happy that these three are now officially off my project list.  Now I can justify cutting more fabric and starting more quilts!  Yay.

Sew long for now, 


  1. lovely finishes -- so does this mean that you get to start 3 new projects since you finished three?

  2. Cute quilts! Congrats on 3 great finishes.

  3. You finished the weathervane quilt! It looks great. The mint crosses in the corners of the sashing work well for avoiding the large amounts of unbroken white you wanted to avoid, and the border is a balanced width for the rest of the quilt. Great finishes.

  4. Love the weathervane quilt. I don't remember seeing this block before, and I love what you've done with it.