April 29, 2014

Color Run + Fireworks

I just have to share, I survived my first 5k this weekend!  After months of painful training, and sheer determination it was race day.  My aunt and I did the Color Run.  Even though it wasn't timed, it was still fun.  Now I want to do a 5k that I actually have to seriously run and get timed.  We spent more time taking pictures and goofing off rather than running!

Once home, I fell into a complete sewing coma.  Race stress was gone, and I got sewing fever.  Literally just sat and sewed for 10 hours straight ... it all started with this lot of Fireworks blocks.

The pattern calls for 16 blocks total, and I cut 4 extra.  That makes me half way done!!!  These blocks are quite intense, and take some precious time to make just one!  Although I am still in love with drama of each block.  Pretty sure those piles of cut fabric are going to remain there for a while longer.  I ran out of fireworks steam for the moment.  My aunt picked a monochromatic taupe color theme, and it works really well with this bold pattern!

I also broke down and printed the templates for the Farmer's Wife quilt.  So I started cutting out fabrics for the next group of blocks, most with the templates.  Wish me luck!  It just looks intense.  Hopefully those will be ready to share in the next week or so.  Fingers crossed for success here.  

Sew long for now, 


  1. Congrats on your first run :) This quilt is going to be all kinds of awesome!! Love the monochromatic scheme - you aunt has incredibly awesome taste!!

  2. This version of this quilt is beautiful, it's on my someday list… I haven't seen a monochromatic version yet, but after you finish this one there are bound to be more.

  3. This is a super pretty quilt! I love that you used grays and whites. So classic looking. And good luck on your farmer's wife! I want to try one, but I haven't found the time to even print out pieces. lol

    1. I hear ya! That task of printing and cutting them all was very intense.

  4. This is fun! I haven't seen a monochromatic, neutral quilt lately made from a pattern but it's a nice change of pace. I especially like the top left block and the middle one. They have nice presence and contrast.

  5. I am always a sucker for monochromatic stuff but this quilt is going to be exceptionally gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  6. I love that fireworks quilt already. The blocks are looking gorgeous, looks like it's going to be amazing!!

  7. I'm slowly working on a Swoon (if making one block counts as "working on it" :)), but Fireworks is on my to-do list as well. Taupe may be a little bland as a colour but this mix of fabrics really makes these blocks look really striking!