August 16, 2014

X and + a New Friend

Last week I posted about joining the New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild. Well, one of my blogging friends saw the post and also joined the guild! Michelle blogs over at From Bolt to Beauty. Here is a picture of us at this week's meeting. It's so exciting to finally meet someone I talk with on my blog in person!  This was a first for us both.  

I also grabbed more fabric to help with the guild's charity blocks.  Here are five more ... the two below are my favorite! 

This week is my last week of summer vacation so I am trying frantically to get some things done. Although I am down to 12 WIPs from 20, it doesn't look like I will get down to my goal of 5! Eight projects done is still pretty good. Next, week is workshops and classroom set up! Did anyone else get their summer goals done?

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels


  1. How fun to meet a blogging friend in person! Your x and + blocks look great.

  2. 8 projects completed? That is awesome! Very cool getting to meet bloggy friends in real life; I am hopeful that QuiltCon2015 will be a lot of fun that way. So wonderful that the guild membership is working out so well for you!

  3. That is so cool to meet someone from your blogging community! Very exciting! As for reaching my goals - not really, but that was to be expected since the kiddo is home from school. I get more done during the school season. Good luck with your workshops and classroom setup. School starts this Monday so I'm super excited.

  4. Those x and + blocks are great! It's also pretty cool that you joined the guild and met a blogger friend in real life! Sounds like a nice way to end the summer!

  5. I certainly didn't! I got some done, just like you... so I do feel accomplished but I definitely did not meet my goal that I had! It ended up being a busier summer with different twists and things to take on rather than what I had in mind! It was NOT the summer for planning!

    Love your blocks and glad you enjoyed your Guild, that's awesome! I am looking more forward to mine!

  6. Eight projects is better than pretty good. It is excellent!