September 17, 2014

Be ... Encouraging

Another month has passed already, where is 2014 going??  There are only 3 more blocks this year ... crazy!  This month Amy has picked the theme of encouragement ... 

She reminds us that our words have a huge impact on those around us. Even if we do not believe in what people feel is best for them, we still need to encourage people to follow their hearts. At times this can be difficult for me (especially as a teacher) ... but allowing others to learn from their mistakes, is sometimes the only way people learn. Other times, people prove me wrong. 

 She leaves us with the following questions, when talking with someone ask yourself ... 
  • Will these words encourage this person?
  • Will these words show love?
  • Will those words set an example?
  • Are these words that I'm proud of, and can stand behind?
  • Are these words likely to stir, joy, peace, and strength? or the opposite?

We do a similar kid friendly version of this in school as a reminder of power of people's words. I am a constantly encouraging my students to be/become successful in school and, many of you know, I am also a huge cheerleader for my blogging buddies :). I would say, I am more the annoying over encouraging type. (Sorry, still need to find the balance on this one!).

So far all the months are looking good together! I cannot wait to see what the next three will bring.

What are some of your encouraging stories??

-Patch & Chels


  1. I have been lucky to have some really special people in my life along the way as encouragers and mentors. I get to go visit with one of them this Friday, and I am really looking forward to it! I also love the encouragement of the blogging community; it has been a wonderful to join such a wonderful tribe.

  2. Are you encouraging? Yes! Are you ever annoying? Noo!

  3. I try to be encouraging as well, but I've noticed lately that I do it less. But this is a great reminder to me to encourage someone everyday, because I know that when I do, I have a better attitude overall.

  4. What a beautiful block and a great sentiment behind it too.

  5. I really love your fabric choices for this month. The whole quilt is coming together so nicely! And it's so special that each block will serve as a visual reminder of reflections you had on that month's theme. Possibly with time, your ideas on a particular them will change, but this quilt will be a reminder of where you were at this point in your life. Love it!

  6. Lovely fabrics and they look great together. I signed up to Sugar block too and haven't made any - I'm encouraged to get my butt in gear make some!