December 07, 2014

Sunday Stash

This Sunday Stash is from the Fat Quarter Shop! Who else capitalized on their 25% off Black Friday sale? The layer cake is for a little project the shop asked me to be apart of in January.  Just love Lauren + Jessi Jung! More on that later. 

For now, I am going to just look at the blue fabric and admire it's beauty :)

I also used the sale to pick up next years Quilt Challenge fabric. Gram and I have added some more family members. We are up to four! After a family debate between my Mom and Aunt to see who got my Looking Glass quilt, fabric by Fig Tree. I settled on a jolly bar of Somerset. Also by Fig Tree, it has similar color tones, so Auntie will be happy. (My Mom got the Looking Glass quilt) I also picked up some backing and filler fabric while it was reduced in price. This will be our third year doing the challenge. 

Who has some ideas on what to do with a jolly bar?  They are new and exclusive from Fat Quarter Shop so there is limited inspiration out there! 

-Patch & Chels

Heading over to Molli Sparkles to like up!


  1. How fun that the challenge has increased in size! :) I would definitely have to sit down and start sketching, but I'm guessing there are lots of fun ways to use the jolly bar. Whatever it ends up being, I'd be tempted to name it after jolly rancher's or one of the jolly rancher flavors.

  2. fig Tree and Co!!!! So deelish!!
    Is a Yellow Brick Road or variation thereof, too mundane? The precut looks like a very nice size for it, with the addition of a solid and maybe a low volume? But, anything you make will be wonderful:) I love it when family members fight over our makes!

  3. I used that Pedal Pushers layer cake and the prints are so fun! Sounds like you are going to have great fun using those pretty fabrics. Not sure what I would do with a Jolly Bar, but I bet you'll do something great!

  4. Four in the family quilt challenge now!? Obviously you and Gram were having too much fun and the others want to join in. With the Somerset range, your quilts are bound to be beautiful.

  5. Very nice stash additions! I am making a quilt for the FQS for January also, I used a layer cake of the Cotton & Steel Mustang line.

  6. Cute choices!!!! I have a hard enough time with layer cakes...not sure what I'd do with a jolly bar. :D