September 27, 2015

Shop Hop Sunday Stash!

Um, that was fun! Last weekend the New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild went on our first Shop Hop. We had four shops to visit with a scavenger hunt attached. Along the way we had things to find, places to go, and types of fabric that would get us points. The teams were made of four, ours was named TEAM WARP!  There was also Team Salvage, and Team Weft. 

The four stops along way: Button Box in Wellesley, Mass., Gather Here in Cambridge, Mass., Grey's Fabric & Notions in Boston, Mass., and Quilter's Way in Acton, Mass.  Each stop had a goodie bag there waiting for our arrival with cuts of fabric and other notions. Huge thank you to all the shops that let our craziness arrive. Also, Anna at Blackbird Donuts made us extra donuts so they wouldn't run out of their popular Blueberry Maple donut. We were also required to stop at the Happy Chocolatier for ice cream. Nothing beats fabric, donuts, and chocolate! 

Between all the shops we found a park with a four person teeder todder, which we capitalized on the opportunity. There was no shortage of fun happening. We all had quite the haul by the end of the day. Here is what I came home with ... 

Pinks, Art Gallery, Cotton and Steel, Dear Stella, Alison Glass

Backing cuts: Windham, Free Spirit 

Blues, Penny Rose, Moda, Dear Stella, Windham, Andover Chambray 

Low Volume & Greys, Moda, Cloud 9, Dear Stella, Lizzy House, Wyndham, Free Spirit 
And the days notions, I am pretty excited about all these new colors of No. 8 Perle thread! I have a Block of the Month quilt that needs some hand-quilting love. I also capitalized on Grey's being a Pfaff dealer and got a new open toe free motion foot! Also included in the picture is the swag we got from the shops! 

In total I ended up with an additional 19 yards of fabric!  I guess it's time to get sewing ... 

- Patch & Chels 


  1. Great haul, and looks like even better times together! :) What a fun idea for a guild field trip.

  2. What a fabulous way to spend the day! Fabric, ice cream and donuts is hard to top!

  3. Hi! What fun you had together! Fantastic fabrics, too! x Teje

  4. 19 yards? Awesome! It sounds like a fantastic time - the teeter totter in particular looks like a blast. :)

  5. So much fun! What a great day and beautiful stash additions! When I read you were going on a shop hop, I was hoping you might have visited NH fabric shops as I need to expand my local shopping! You certainly went to some great shops in MA!

  6. I loved seeing all the photos online throughout your adventures. Looked like so much fun and man, did you get a great haul! 19 yards, wow!

  7. That is a GREAT guild activity!!!! Looks like you had a lot of fun, and got some great fabric to boot! :D

  8. We were so happy to welcome you to Quilter's Way... you made the day fun for us as well. Not to give away too many secrets but the Happy Chocolatier also love seeing you! Please come again soon!