October 01, 2015

A Couple Charity Quilts

When I first started quilting about four years ago, I made a bunch of quilt tops but never finished them. This summer I cleaned out my sewing area and found them all. Not really knowing what to do with them I decided to finish them up for charity. I bought a sheet set (on sale!!) from Target to use as backings. My Great Aunt told me she always uses a sheet for the quilt backing, so I thought I would try it out. The grey pattern worked with three of the quilt tops so it was perfect, and it quilted the same with no issues. Here are the two that I got finished. 


This quilt was a lesson in fabric quantity. I wanted to make a scrappy quilt, so I bought a ton of fabrics in green, teal, and blue. Then started making up blocks. I needed up with enough blocks to make FOUR quilts, oops. Lesson learned. I kept one, my best friend from home got another, and my cousin got the third. That left me with one more! 

I used poly batting for the first time as well (great time to try out new things) and I love how much it make the quilting pop.  Although it's much lighter in weight than I am used too. For the quilting I stippled using a slate blue thread, then put the whole thing together with a scrappy binding. 


This quilt was made with a variety of pink and green patterns so make up with watermelonish quilt. I don't remember much about the process or the inspiration. I went with straight line stitching for the quilting in a bright pink thread, once again using the Target sheet for the back and the poly batting. The binding is a pink polka dot I had cut into 2.5 inch strips a while back and I had enough of the same color to bind the whole thing. Sometimes things just work out :) 

Both of these quilts (and a pile more) are headed over to a local charity here in Southern New Hampshire called Marguerite's Place. They help woman and children in transition. Some of the students I have taught in the past have gone through this program to get out of a bad situation and back on their feet. Anyone else have a local charity near them that is a favorite donation spot?

- Patch & Chels 


  1. I make quilts for Quilts for Kids~kids in the hospital. Gives me people to sew for...my family is TOO SMALL! Your quilts are lovely :)

  2. Beautiful quilts to donate. They are really going to brighten someone's day. I really like using sheets on occasion, too - one has lasted for years on the main quilt I use on my bed (it has held up better than the binding!). :)

  3. Both quilts look great! What poly batting did you use? I like the effect that it created with the quilting. What caught my eye the most though, was the backing sheet you used. It looks almost identical to the backing of my Posies quilt, widescreen backing fabric by Carolyn Friedlander.

  4. I like the color schemes in both of these, the patchwork looks great. It's so nice of you to donate them, someone will feel so special.