October 12, 2015

Let's Be Real ... The Honest WIP List

1. Family Challenge 2015
Each year my grandmother and I do a quilt challenge. We each get the same fabric and have to create a quilt. My mom and aunts are the official family judges. This year we added in my cousin and my cousin's grandmother. Should be fun to see what everyone comes up with. We are using a Jolly Bar of  Somerset by Fig Tree. 

2. Charity Quilts: Scrappy HST, Peaches HST
These are all quilt tops from when I first started quilting! No photos but I though I would finish them and donate them to a local charity. 

3. Rocky Mountain Puzzle 
This year my Stash Bee block was the Rocky Mountain Puzzle. Thus far I have done nothing with all the blocks and would like to make a few more to fill out the quilt. 

4. Bias Strip Quilt 
As my first official quilt class I took Bias Strip Quilts with Sherri Lynn Wood this spring. These petals are fun to make until you have to put them all together. Some will require hand appliqué. Although I have almost finished the hand quilting this is the most current photo of the project. 

5. Churn Dash 
A little instant gratification project while at retreat this spring. 

6. Round Trip Quilt 
Still waiting to get mine back!  Hopefully soon I can see it in person and get it finished.  (The quilt below is not mine!)

7. HST Quilt Along
A group of us guild friends are making a Modern HST quilt. The top is done, I just need to finish this one. 

8. Patchwork City Quilt Along
Not much progress has been made on this project. Ok, only 3 blocks are done.

9. Farmer's Wife Quilt
I have found the perfect chicken fabric for the backing, so that means it's time to finally get this quilt finished.

10. True Pink
In attempt to cut back on some of my pink scraps I made this quilt from my pink scrap fabrics. Too bad it is just sitting with the top done. Although I have backing and binding ready to go. 

11. Sugar Block of the Month 2014
All 30 blocks are made and look great. They need some sashing and to be sewn together. 

12. 1930's Farmer's Wife Quilt Along 
I signed up to do the 1930's Farmer's Wife Quilt along with Gnome Angel. This quilt will definitely be a slow sewing project!

Some of these projects have been on my WIP list too long. Take a look at the watermarks on the photos to see how long some of these have been hanging around! This summer I focused on getting things finished vs. starting new quilts.  At the start of summer I started with 19 projects (added two new projects) and ended the summer with 11, not too bad. How is everyone else doing with their WIP's? Anyone else find it too hard to resit the Farmer's Wife sew along?

-Patch & Chels 


  1. Only 12? Pshaw, such a lightweight. :D I am horrible at finishing WIPs... the tune of about 30 just lying around. On the bright side, I will never, ever, ever run out of things to do. :) I love the idea of your family quilt contest! I want to see your roundtrip quilt too!!!! :D

  2. Right now I have so many WIPs rattling around in my head, but most of them are really just quilts I want to start. I am afraid to list them all out at the moment, so I'll go work on one instead! :)

  3. I need to "honestly" revisit my WIP list after this weekend. I think it might even be time for projects in the "not yet started" list to be archived into a "maybe someday" But I just want to make all the quilts!!!!! Oh and I love that you and your gram do competitive quilt making, that sounds like my kind of competition: where everyone wins!

  4. So many fun projects! I love the fabrics you have chosen for the family competition! I found it was very helpful to make a list of all the active projects. I might even get some of them done soon!

  5. Wow, that's an impressive list! But hey, it's good to have variety and have the freedom to work on what inspires you, right? Look at it as having lots of choices when it's time to sit down at the sewing machine. I've started keeping a running list of projects that I want/need to do and list a deadline if appropriate. What also helps for me has been writing down the project in chunks - like "determine stashbee layout & prep for sewing" and "sew row 1 bee blocks together" - instead of sew together stash bee quilt top.

  6. Yay for making progress! I love those blocks in #7 and look forward to seeing the finished top. I wrote down all my projects on a huge piece of drawing paper and hung it in the sewing room - now all those WIP's stare at me when I walk in there! LOL

  7. Lots of really lovely projects - i love that you kept going with the sugar bloocks - looking forward to seeing them all together!

  8. Great list of projects, I can't wait to start seeing the finishes.

  9. I love the family challenge with your grandmother. I wish I could get one of my teenagers to sew! Anyway, I am just loving the colors you have been using in your quilts. I'm going to keep poking around your cute blog!

  10. I love the family challenge with your grandmother. I wish I could get one of my teenagers to sew! Anyway, I am just loving the colors you have been using in your quilts. I'm going to keep poking around your cute blog!