October 15, 2015

Picnic Pinwheels: Throw Size

Last month I released my first pattern called Picnic Pinwheels. In September I only had time to make the baby sized quilt. So, while cleaning out my stash I found a jelly roll that would be perfect for this pattern, so I tried out the throw size. Here is what I came up with! I used Chantilly by Lauren and Jessi Jung for Moda. 

Clearly when I took the photos I forgot to capture the backing, oops. Well its a pretty grey and white floral. This quilt has such a nice drape, and is super soft! Still debating if it's a keeper ...

Net Zero Update: 
One jelly roll -2.75 yards, Extra coordinating fabric -0.5, Background fabric - 3 yards, Backing Fabric - 3.5 yards, and Binding - 0.5 yards.  This quilt puts me at a net loss of -10 yards for this project and a monthly total of - 20 yards.


  1. Looks gorgeus! I love your new ides for pin wheeles! Colours and fabrics are beautiful! x Teje

  2. Pretty quilt, need to make one,thank you.

  3. I really like how the different fabric and color placements make the pinwheels read differently to me. Some look like ninja stars, and some are softer and more overall start like to me (I don't know if that makes any sense). Beautiful finish and great monthly net numbers!

  4. I just love this pattern. I actually have a jelly roll of Somerset that I just might need to use for this.

  5. Great pattern. I really like how the use of the light, medium, and dark fabrics in different parts of the blocks gives a different look and feel to the block.

  6. What a great use of a jelly roll. I never know what to do with them.
    Did you use your usual batting to get the lovely drape? I used Quilters Dream wool for the first time on a quilt this week and it feels divine. I reserve final judgement until after it survives its first wash.