February 19, 2016

Outlined Plus

How many of my quilt peeps are doing the Outlined Plus Quilt Along with Hyacinth's Quilt Designs?

According to what's happening at #outlinedplusquilt many people have joined the fun.

It's been awesome to see everyone's choice in color. I will admit to frequently geeking out about color and analyzing colors though other people's choices.

You can see I took a very scrappy approach to this quilt sticking with an aqua/teal, plum/magenta, low volume theme. 

Still working through the camera struggle .... :(

Someday's I just want to dig out my old camera and know how it all works, like having tea with an old friend.

Although, I am really trying hard to get to know this shinny, fancy, new friend who likes expresso! Just not my style yet.

Sigh, maybe I'll just go buy fabric to find my balance.


  1. Looks pretty nice! And I'm sure you'll figure out the camera soon. It'll just take time to explore all the settings and figure out the ones you like!

  2. I recently bought a DSLR and found that I had to take my husband's suggestion to buy the tutorial online that described the camera and it's use in detail. I actually didn't buy it since he bought the one for his camera and mine is so similar that it is recommended for the used camera I bought. Knowing basic photography skills is not enough if you are not familiar with what your specific camera's capabilities are. It took time, but my pictures have improved.

  3. It looks more planned than scrappy, but I always love your colour choices, however you choose them.

  4. Congratulations on the finish! I agree with Carla, your "scrappy" feels so planned and purposeful. Your choices and groupings are wonderful and I always enjoy seeing them.

  5. Your Outlined Plus top is beautiful! I love all of the different fabrics and prints you paired together!

  6. Love the colors you chose for your outlined Plus top. So fresh and happy.
    I'm sure you will figure out your camera very soon. When I first got my DSLR I so wanted to go back to my trusty point and shoot camera. But after playing with it for a while we have become really good "friends"
    Good luck!

  7. The colours on your quilt are great! I recently bought a bridge camera and was wondering if I really should have bothered since I was taking my shots on Auto. Enter this Craftsy class Basics of Digital Photography (http://www.craftsy.com/search?query=basics+of+digital+photography&type=&categoryUrl=quilting). Plenty of aha moments here and I feel inspired to give it all a go.