February 13, 2016

Sugar Block Club 2014

Not sure if anyone can relate, but I am a "to do list" gal. I have to make a list every day and systematically go through and check things off.

Nothing is like the small amount of joy felt when making that, in my left handed case, backwards check. It's fulfilling on many levels.

Why do I mention my obsession with check lists?

Well, this quilt was a super exciting to check off.  My 2014 Sugar Block of the Month quilt, has been sitting around for over a year and I love this one! I just haven't gotten around to finishing this beast. 

The other weekend I dug out the backing fabric I had purchased last summer at Marden's for this very quilt and got basting.

After pushing all of the quilt through my domestic, the binding was procrastinated for another week.

Finally, the quilt is done and ready to snuggle! I got sick right after finishing this quilt so it was the perfect amount of comfort I needed. 

Quilt Stats: 
  • Finished Size: 64 inches x 77 inches 
  • Fabric: Stash
  • Batting: 80/20 blend
  • Thread: Connecting Threads - Parchment
  • Quilting: large meandering stipple

In the midst of being upset about lack of light this winter, I broke down and purchased an indoor lighting studio. Unfortunately, the only place large enough for all that stuff is the basement.  

Does anyone else use indoor lights to photograph quilts? 

If so what am I missing here? Not to mention that I am still learning my new camera, this shoot wasn't as "picture perfect" as I envisioned. Any advice, camera settings, tips, anything, just HELP! 

Adobe Lightroom was my saving grace for this shoot. I had to work a lot of behind the scenes magic to get these photos to work. Clearly I need some concrete love but that is already being thought out. 


  1. Beautiful finish! I am sorry to hear you got sick just after finishing it; this seems to have been a tough year for different illnesses. In terms of lighting, sometimes bouncing the light off of white sheets can help diffuse the light source and make a more evenly lit area. Congratulations, this is lovely. :)

  2. I think I would procrastine the binding for far longer than a week if I had pushed all of that through my domestic machine. Well done, Chelsea, on another beautiful finish.
    (I have no idea about lighting and photography. Sorry!)

  3. Oh what a gorgeous finish!! I'm just starting on the 2016 blocks so it's lovely to see a previous year brought together:)

  4. What a lovely quilt, I really like the color choices with this, it makes it cohesive even though there are so many different blocks. Love the navy binding. Your photos look good!

  5. This turned out awesome. I love the soft primary colors in this quilt. :)

  6. Stunning quilt. I'm a list maker. I suffer with depression and seeing things ticked off list can give a sense of achievement when having a bad day. Sometimes it's only washed up and got dressed but it proves I got something done xx

  7. Beautiful quilt finish! All of the blocks play so well together. I love making lists and crossing off finished items too.

  8. Its a super lovely finish! I love the colors you chose - so cute!

  9. This would patch my living room perfectly! how did you know...

    Such a beautiful quilt!

  10. I'm with you in my love of checking items off my to do list. This to do is a beautiful finish. Hope you're feeling better.

  11. Michelle from the blog From Bolt to Beauty sent me your way. I just finished putting the 2014 Sugar Cube quilt together and was sharing it. She remarked about how different they look with different colors. I went bold and brash with yellow, black and white. I love it! Waiting for a space large enough to sandwich it together now! Hugs from a Mainer!