July 26, 2016

July Sugar Blocks

This has officially become "All My Favorite Blocks" quilt along as I have stepped away from following the Sugar Block of the Month Club. 

But, not too far!

These are my favorite blocks from the 2014 edition. Throughout the year I have been creating some of my favorite blocks to go along with the blocks from the club skipping those I do not love.

Thus far, I am in LOVE with how this quilt is turning out. 

Count: 24 blocks out of 30

This is the same color palette from my quote top, so these should become an awesome pair of quilts one day!

My next goal is to stop making huge quilts!  They take so much more effort to finish.


  1. Oh, I really like that it will pair so nicely with your quote top! Do you plan on quilting the larger tops yourself or having them done by someone else?

  2. Anyone is jsut beautiful.Love them all!

  3. Gorgeous colours as always, Chelsea.
    Should we make a pact: you stop making huge and I stop making fiddly? I know I would never stick to it, though. :(

  4. Thats a great theme and a name for a quilt - all my favourites...

  5. I liked that you've personalized this project to what you like by picking and choosing. It's going to be so pretty once finished. I seem to be in the same boat as you -with all these big quilts, I'm not getting the satisfaction of finishing anything!