July 29, 2016

Starlight: Finished

Ten Glorious Weeks of Summer Vacation.

Half done, and, not much to show. 

After teaching summer school each morning. My afternoons have been spent on the couch with Rosa Pug knitting and watching 70's game show re-runs. Really exciting. It's been too hot to go out mid-day so I have been capitalizing on the air-conditioning. 

In in the mist of my machine gathering dust, I did get this quilt finished. I started this Starlight quilt back at retreat in April. Ta da! Shamefully, this is only my second finish of the summer. 

Rosa wanted to be apart of the photography so she went for the photobomb approach. Silly thing.


  • Finished Size: 74 inches x 80 inches 
  • Pattern: Starlight by Thimble Blossoms
  • Fabric: PB & J by Basic Gray, Kona Snow background
  • Batting: 80/20 Blend
  • Thread: Connecting Threads - Parchment

Ok, back to watching game shows. Rosa is eyeballing my bowl of fresh strawberries with her face gently resting on the keyboard. She giving her saddest puppy dog face in hopes that I will spare just one berry. Just one! 


  1. Shamefully? There is no shame in working for a half day and relaxing in whatever way seems best for the summer. 2 finishes in 5 weeks seems worthy of celebration. I know we always wish we could do more... but there is something to be said for not ironing in the heat, too. ;)

  2. It's funny how I think I don't like a specific line of fabric when I see it in a bundle, but it somehow gets a cinderella transformation once it's sewn into a quilt. That's what happened with this PB&J. Wasn't a huge fan of it, but now that I see it finished in your quilt, it's really beautiful.

  3. It's gorgeous and congrats on the finish! I have more flimsies and less finishes this year so celebrate the victories when they come!