February 28, 2014

Big Block Quilt

A few weeks ago, one of my followers made the comment to create a big block quilt that could be completed in a weekend or a day. How genius is that?  Well I had to chew on the idea for a while as I wanted it be something realistic, but fun.  The easy way out would make a quilt using squares and do some simple straight stitching.  My goal was to create something visually appealing and simple.  This cute little baby quilt finished at 37 inches by 37 inches. 

As I was working through the farmer's wife sampler quilt, I kept thinking how great the 'four winds'  block would look blown up baby quilt size.  The design uses half square triangles and squares, so it is manageable for people of all quilting abilities.  I hope you will join me in this quilt in a day challenge.

Here is the timeline for my day ... 

8:00 am. - Color selection. 

I decided on a white print for the background first then decided on everything from that starting point.  Then I paired a deep purple, an orange, and a green color together to complete my colors.  Here is what you will need for yardage (please don't feel limited to using my color selection, be bold and be daring, try something new).

Materials List: 
Orange - Color A - 0.5 yds
Purple - Color B (Center Print + Backing)- 1.5 yds 
Green - Color C - 0.5 yds
White - Color D (Background + Binding) - 0.75 yds 
2 - DMC # 3801

8:15 am - Cutting.  

Once the colors are selected it's time to cut.  Below is the quantity and size of each block and color.

Cutting Directions:
Orange - Color A - (12) 7 inch squares
Purple - Color B - (4) 7 inch by 7 inch squares 
Green - Color C - (4) 7 inch squares, (4) 6.5 inch squares
White - Color D - (8) 7 inch squares, (4) 6.5 inch squares, (4) 2.5 inch by wof

9:00 am - Set-up.

Start by matching the 7 inch squares into pairs.  These blocks will all become half square triangles.

6 pairs - Color A (Orange) & Color D (White)
4 pairs - Color A (Orange) & Color B (Purple)
2 pairs - Color C (Green) & Color D (White)
2 pairs - Color A (Orange) & Color C (Green)

**You can place the 6.5 inch squares to the side.

Begin by marking each with a pencil line, diagonally from one corner to the other.  This creates a guide line to sew a quarter inch from either side.  

9:15 am - Go time!

First thing, sew along either side of the guide lines for the half square triangles.  Cut the squares diagonally along the guide line.  Press open, for half square triangles I usually press the seam open, but pressing to one side also works.  

Next, trim all the squares to 6.5 inches.  Use the diagonal sew line to help you square the blocks.  

10:00 am  - Assembly + Snack.  

The image below is to help layout your quilt.  Start by putting the rows together. 

Once the rows are together, press the seams in alternating directions.  This will allow them to 'nest' making the next step easier. 

Sew the rows together.  Press the whole quilt.  Once the top is completed, it's time for a snack!  

11:00 am - Basting. 

This is my least favorite part of the process.  Although this quilt is small so it was painless.  

11:30 am - Hand-quilting.

If you would like to use the same method to hand-quilt, check out my tutorial.  I have to admit I am not the fastest at hand-quilting so these times could vary.  Another alternative is to machine quilt and it would also be much faster.  

12:30 pm - Lunch.  

1:00 pm - Back to hand-quilting.

I really like how the back is turning out.  This is an unplanned pleasant surprise!

3:00 pm - Binding.

Start by sewing each of the 2.5 inch strips together.  Press the strip in half.  I use a walking foot to bind on my quilts, but I'm not sure it matters.  

Time to hand stitch the binding.  I usually put on a good show and just relax.  

5:30 pm - Celebrate.

Ta da, this quilt is done!  In total, it took 8.5 hours.  I happened to complete the whole thing in one day, plus time I spent photographing.  This little project could easily be broken into multiple days. 

Phew, this is a long post.  Hope you enjoyed my quilt in a day.  If you also decide to join me, please send along pictures.  I would love to see them!  

Sew long for now, 


February 26, 2014

Farmer's Wife Sampler

Today I worked on my farmer's wife quilt sampler again.  I love reading the stories in the front of the book about life on the farm in 1922, such a different perspective on the world.  More like, get drawn into the all the letters and intrigued about farm life.  

I have a great appreciation of the farm and farmers.  My parents house is close, but, not quite a farm.  My father does have a rather large barn, a couple tractors, some few hundred Christmas trees, and a garden.  Seeing how much time and labor goes into running their small slice of land, I can only image the labor and toils of a real working farm.

**Just wait until you see what I did with this block on Friday.  I just love this one!

Here is a photo of his old International Harvester taken a couple summers ago.

This old tractor has been a staple in our family for a long time.  I have many good memories being carted around on this old thing as a child.  When my father uses the tractor he calls it work, to Mom and I it looks like playtime.  (Insert rhoom rhoom sounds).  He has just got to a point where he rolls his eyes at us every time we tell him about his play.

That's all I have to show for blocks today.  Completing the blocks in sets of 5 has been quite manageable.  Although doing more at a time would make this process faster.  Sending out some good luck to all those out there also working on their farmer's wife quilts :)  

Thanks to Freshly Pieced for allowing me to link up with her blog!  Head over and check out what others are doing on this WIP Wednesday.

Sew long for now, 


February 24, 2014

Churn Dash

Just finished all my churn dash blocks.  These blocks started as 6 inch blocks that were cut into quarters and paired with a solid color.  

I used the tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  She used a 10 inch block to start so my scale is smaller.  The directions are very clear and easy to follow.  

More blocks .... 

More blocks ... 

And more blocks ... 

Here is the lot of them finished!

Now I just have to decide how I am going to pair the 7 inch churn dash blocks and the 6 inch original blocks.  

For the backing I decided to use Geekly Chic's yellow glasses.  I used squares of the cream with glasses on the front.  I love the idea of the bold yellow paired with all the colors in the fabric.

Decisions, decisions.

Sew long for now, 


February 21, 2014

Be ... Merciful

This months theme for the Sugar Block Club is 'Be ... Merciful.'  

Mercy is one quality of a good teacher.  I have so many students in my classroom throughout the day and each and every one of them is experiencing a personal crisis.  I do teach middle school, so students can change from minute to minute, it could be social drama, or home drama.  Either way I never know how student's lives are going to effect their performance and behavior in my class.  That is were having a merciful attitude is helpful.  Many students don't tell me how they are doing so I always approach situations with caution knowing that most of the time it is so much more.  This is one quality I try to have each and every day, as I never know what is going on in the lives of others.   

As for the block, here are my February color choices.  

Ok, this one wasn't the easiest to piece, I had some difficulty with the points.  Although I really like the block and I am considering doing a whole quilt with this block.  That would force me to master those points!

Sew long for now, 


February 20, 2014

Small Blog Meet

Welcome to anyone coming over from Lily's Quilts!!

I have been quilting for a couple years now, but just started a blog at the start of this year.  Thank you for taking the time to come over and visit me.  If you like what you see feel free to follow and/or leave a comment.  I would like to get to know other bloggers and quilters out there!  So far this year has been a great experience online and I cannot wait to meet more people :)  

- Chels and Patch 

February 18, 2014

Odds and Ends

This weekend I got the luxury of heading north and visiting my parents.  These little succulents were hanging out in the window just begging to be photographed!  I have tried growing them but they just don't hold up so well with my green thumb.  

I also convinced my Dad to rearrange the yard for a photo shoot!  He is such a great Dad.  

"Yep, Dad.  Please put the wood cage little to to the right.  Thank you."

"Oh, and please close up the doors!"  

All for this!  A photo shoot of my Odds and Ends quilt top finished.  *Sorry for the slight blur, it was so windy.

I started with a layer cake of Odds and Ends by Cosmo Cricket.  Then used this tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Company to make the HST.  In the video she used charm packs and made a pinwheel.  I just modified for a layer cake, but, easiest way to make 4 HST at once!

My Grandmother also dug out my baby quilt my mother made me when I was a baby.  I didn't remember this quilt at all. This one got me a touch emotional!  Here it is looking very loved.  

Signing out from the Huckins homestead.  This is actually Dad's other barn!  

Sew long for now, 


February 16, 2014

Churn Dash

This summer my Grandmother gave me three 6 inch charm packs.  They are not my typical color pallet and they are not the standard size.  So I was unsure what they would become at the time.  Although I have to admit, it was love a first sight.  All those bold colors play nice together.  ** If anyone knows what this line is can you help me out?  I have no idea!

I cut down the blocks into 3 inch squares, these are going to become the churn dash blocks. The finished block is 7 inches square so that will lead to some design challenges ... 

Each of the prints is getting matched with a solid for the churn dash block.

Now that I have a plan its time to start churning out those block!  To the sewing machine I go.  

Sew long for now, 


February 14, 2014

Remixed Geese


I keep meaning to show you this quilt and it's about time!  I pulled from a stash of 1930's feedback prints I had been hoarding for too long.  This is also the quilt that made me fall in love with flying geese.  

The top is quilted in vertical lines, at 1.5 inches apart.  

The back was a solid piece of the blue (same blue used in the front).  Then a 'border' of white with warm prints around the edge.  For this quilt I like the back just as much as the front.  It's nice to piece the back and get a reversible quilt. 

Close up of the back prints.  The binding is Kona pewter.

Detail of the front all folded waiting on a good home. 

Happy Friday all! Thank you to QUILT MATTERS and CRAZY MOM QUILTS for letting me tag along.  If you want to check out other great Friday finishes, check out the links :)

Sew long for now,