August 28, 2014

Round Trip Quilts

A small group of us from the 2014 New Quilt Blogger's Blog Hop got together about starting a round robin style bee. Many of us are new to this format so it's exciting to be taking on a new challenge.  

We came up with the name Round Trip Quilts for our little adventure. It works by creating a center block (mine is below), and sending it to then next person on my mailing list. 

Eventually, the quilt will return to it's original owner completely finished.  Hence, the round trip part! If you're interested in following along check out the tab above or on instagram #roundtripquilts (pictures are already starting to show up!)

*Let me just give another little shout out to Jennifer who came up with this snazzy logo for our group and created the format for our page tab ... it's all awesome, right?!

Coming up with an idea for the center block was brutal, I couldn't lock down just one idea. I had a million ideas roaming my head.  Time was running short, finally I had to settle on one idea.

The block is comprised of four paper pieced stars using solids in a blue, yellow, peach, and a deep magenta color pallet. The background is all in low volume fabric to add some pizzaz to the solids. The theme is low volumes as a background and solids for the pattern. As to what my counter-parts do with that theme, I cannot wait to see what they create! 

I am excited to send this one off! 

Here is the list of other participants: head over and check out their work! 

Heather at QA Creations,  Leanne at Devoted Quilter,  Kim at Ties That Bind Quilting,  Liz at Green Cheese Quilting,  Mary at See Mary Quilt,  Christina at WIPs and Tuts,  Jennifer at Never Just Jennifer

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels

August 25, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

My friend Lin over at Lin's Quilts tagged me as part of the Around the World Blog Hop! You should go check her out, she is hilarious. Our first conversation consisted of all the funny scenarios that would lead to the invention of color catchers! Let's just say her imagination can run wild and it shows through in her quilts.

Favorite Quilt of the Summer: Baby Harper's

Next, I am tagging two of my local buddies to keep this going!  Jennifer @ Never Just Jennifer and Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty. They both are awesome, below is a bit more of a description of awesomeness. 

Jennifer and I meet through the New Quilt Blogger's Blog Hop this spring. We have quickly become friends, she is sweet and kind, always saying the nicest things! We are both part of Round Trip Quilts (you can see the beginning of things on instagram #roundtripquilts), if you want more information look at either of our tabs.  Jennifer also designed our logo, she gets a virtual high five! Crazy talented, right!?

Michelle and I meet IN PERSON (yep, still excited about that) at the last New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild meeting. She's been sewing for years, but has recently started quilting. On her blog, she shares both quilting and garments. At our last guild meeting, she showed the most adorable little bag, and also enjoys making small accessories. Michelle also has been suffering from a case of low volume stash envy!  Guess it might time to start a low volume swap :)  Who's with us???

What am I working on? 
The biggest project I have going on right now is my Farmer's Wife blocks... even though I haven't made much progress this summer. Once fall comes around and I "need" a new quilt, this will take priority again. The goal is to hand quilt the whole thing, so it may take some time! Below are some projects I have worked on or finished this summer.

Summer 2014 
1. Needle Book, 2. Modern Maple Blocks, 3 & 4. Notting Hill, 5. Teddy Bear 6. Patriotic Star 7. Modern Maples. 8. Sugar Block Club 2014, 9. X and + Charity Blocks

How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
Not sure my works is original, but it's a reflection of me. So, in that sense I would say it's different than what any one else has done. Many times I will see something I like, and put my own color spin on the pattern or tweak it so it's just a little different. Overall, I tend to gravitate towards bold modern colors, while using traditional blocks. From the collage above, this summer was brought to you by the color red!

Why do I create what I do? 
Growing up I have always been a creative person and if I am not creating something practical (like quilts) I am using my creativity for mischief, pranks are one of my creative fortes. For example, my teammate left her cell phone in the lunch room one day and I had student deliver a lengthy ransom note with a list of "demands" one of which was a homemade meal with pictorial descriptions of said phone in custody. Pretty sure my students thought I was either brilliant or insane. Through quilting I am able to have a creative outlet, and keep myself out of trouble. Although, I did just photocopy a ton of prank cards from the principal's desk I am dying to try out! Hello new school year ...

 How does my creative process work?
My creative process consists of me sketching out most ideas, which come to me at the most inconvenient of times. For example, driving and in the shower are my most frequent places. My latest, somewhat brilliant idea, was my Thimble Blossom's Sampler. Realizing, I would never have enough time to make all of Camille's beautiful quilts, I decided to come up with a sampler to showcase her blocks. After spending too much time with some graph paper and all her patterns I was able to draft out a large lap quilt of my favorite blocks. Other times it's simply pulling inspiration from Pinterest. 

Thimble Blossom's Sampler

Many times I come up with more ideas than I have time for ... seriously need to invest in minions, especially for grading papers.  My sketch book if is full of ideas I do not have the time to complete. The problem is, I keep coming up with more new ideas!

Sew long for now,
Patch & Chels

August 22, 2014

Needle Books

A while back my friend Jolee gave me a small piece of her grandmother's fabric. She was cleaning out her mother's attic and found some beautiful old fabric belonging to her grandmother. After a lot of persuasion she convinced her mother to give her the lot. She was showing it off and let me take a cute navy, floral print. It was only about 5 inches by 3 inches. I decided to make her a needle book and give the scrap back (well kinda).  And ... if I was already making one might as well make two more!  So small but they take, forever.  

I drew up this one for myself ... loved the strawberry and the alphabet was impromptu change in my plan but I really like how it turned out.

This was supposed to be a "spare" to have just in case. I showed one of my friends the covers she really liked this one.  She doesn't know this yet but this one will be going to her!

Here is Jolee's needle book, the navy print for the binding is her grandmother's fabric. As I was looking for scraps the red made the navy pop so I went with it and put a heart to tie in the red theme. Hopefully, she likes this one!   

The centers for each book are yet to be completed.  They are made from a sheet of wool felt and I usually put some cute pins, buttons, needles (obviously), and tags. Maybe later this week the rest will get finished. If you want to make your own the tutorial is at Nana Company

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels

August 19, 2014

Confessions of a Quilter

Amy over at 13 Spools has given 10 quilty tips that are more aline to a confessional! They are plain honest, and I love it. She states that we all have our secrets and it's about time we start airing! I cannot agree more. It makes me happy to know, I am not the only one who doesn't do everything the correct way.  Over the years I have found what I like and works well for me and my style.  Here goes ...  

1. I love the 80/20 batting makes the quilting pop

2. I iron with steam

3. I love hand quilting with floss, DMC usually from Joanns it's chunky.  Check out my tutorial

4. I never pin and when I do they get run over ... every time

5. My favorite thread is from Connecting Threads

6. Never have squared a quilt

7. Anything wonky is annoying

8.  I am terrified to take a class from a professional, as they will judge ALL that I do wrong

9. I am also terrified of curves

10.  I hate batiks

There I said it ... you can agree to disagree on any of them!  It's all about our personal styles :)  What are your quilty tips and confessions?

Sew long for now,
Patch & Chels

August 16, 2014

X and + a New Friend

Last week I posted about joining the New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild. Well, one of my blogging friends saw the post and also joined the guild! Michelle blogs over at From Bolt to Beauty. Here is a picture of us at this week's meeting. It's so exciting to finally meet someone I talk with on my blog in person!  This was a first for us both.  

I also grabbed more fabric to help with the guild's charity blocks.  Here are five more ... the two below are my favorite! 

This week is my last week of summer vacation so I am trying frantically to get some things done. Although I am down to 12 WIPs from 20, it doesn't look like I will get down to my goal of 5! Eight projects done is still pretty good. Next, week is workshops and classroom set up! Did anyone else get their summer goals done?

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels

August 13, 2014

August 11, 2014

Thimble Blossoms Sampler

This quilt-as-you-go-adventure is finally completed. Ok, not done but the top is finished :)

Puddle Jump Block

Rise and Shine Block

A while ago, I came up with the idea to put a bunch of Thimble Blossom blocks together and make one big sampler quilt. There is just not enough time in the day to make each of Camille's beautiful quilts so this was the next best thing. All the blocks are different sizes so this one was a pain to figure out, but well worth the result. I love how this one turned out, and those small spools are still my favorite!

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels

August 08, 2014

Be ... Bold

Sugar Block time over at Stichery Dickory Dock!  This month the theme is, be ... bold. The past two months have been super simple for me, be a teacher, and be a servant. Both of those two qualities are already a big part of my personality. As for this month ... bold is not in my nature.  

I do enjoy going with the flow of thing, even if it's not what I would want or believe. The only times I stand up if the plan is to be hurtful or endangers someone else, I hardly ever speak up for myself. We are encouraged to "get comfortable being uncomfortable."  This could mean a few things to stretch your comfort zone and push yourself to; stand strong or speak out.  Usually I avoid confrontation like the plague. I avoid confrontational topics, touchy gossip, philosophy/political discussions, anything were people are most likely to have a much different point of view.  Happy - go - Lucky is more me!

Does anyones else have a hard time being bold?  I need some inspirational stories.

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels

P.S. In case you were wondering where my sewing mojo has gone ... this is my mom and I cruising down the Merrimack River :)  Sorry for the poor quality ... it was from my phone! 

August 04, 2014

New Hampshire MQG

Big news, I finally joined a quilt guild!!!!!!  (New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild) Being naturally shy around new people it was kinda (ok, very) nerve wracking! Although everyone there was super nice and very welcoming, they really went out of their way to introduce me to the group. I am slightly ashamed at myself for not joining sooner!

Here are some blocks I put together for the guild's charity blanket. All the fabric was donated by Hawthorne Threads, how very nice of them to help the cause!  The tutorial is Scrappy X & + from Badskirt.

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels

August 01, 2014

Summer Slowdown

Ok, this summer I lost my sew mojo! My sewing machine misses me, this might be the longest it has gone without use. All projects have come to a halt and are exactly where I left them three weeks ago (yep, laid out on the floor). I have managed to restock some low volume fabrics and order a couple books.  Here is the haul ... 

At the beginning of the year, I committed myself to a fabric de-stash/diet.  Over the past 7 months, I have been super good about not purchasing fabrics and using up things I already own, while minimizing my scraps.  This basket of goodies was the biggest splurge this year!  I love them all and cannot wait to start cutting into all of them!  Just after I finish up all my WIPs! I still have 17 to go by the end of summer.  Better find some energy!  

Sew long for now, 
Patch & Chels