About Me

Hello and welcome.  I'm Chelsea someone who absolutely loves quilting, so thanks for joining me in my quirky quilting adventures.  This little guy, Patch, has been with me for a long time.  The site is named in his honor.  People might say I have a slight obsession with everything giraffe, and I tend to agree.  

I started life with a degree in architecture and an art minor.  That color theory class I grumbled about is paying off now!  Fast forward a couple years.  Now I spend my days teaching middle school in New Hampshire, that little New England state.  Although I left the design field, I never stopped designing and creating.  My new creative outlet is quilting. 

Frequent Questions: 
  • Why do you sew?
I sew as a creative outlet but more importantly, I sew to relax. There is something soothing about sitting at a machine and just zoning out. A good 30 minutes on the sewing machine is equivalent to a trip to the spa. It keeps my creativity going and me happy.
  • What machine do you use?
Right now I sew and free motion quilt on a Pfaff Expressions 3.2, I got the machine Fall 2014 and I have loved every minute of it. The learning curve was very small and I'm not sure how I lived without a built in walking foot. Before, I had a Brother CS, which was a great starting machine but I quickly outgrew the small throat space.
  • How do you pick projects?
Usually I go with my gut. That is probably the most unhelpful answer, but true. I have a whole hoard of projects pinned to Pinterest and that is my go to for color selection and inspiration. My stash is mostly bright and saturated colors with a variety selection of low volume fabrics. When I pull fabrics I typically pull from my stash and rarely go out and buy specific fabrics. I also rarely buy pre-cuts or whole lines of on fabric. As for patterns, I am mostly drawn to traditional looking patterns completed in modern prints, or stars, anything with stars!

Some posts that get at who and why I am ... 

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If you have any questions, feel free to send an email, or comment.
I would love to get to know you! 


  1. This blog is amazing!!

  2. Love your quilts! Do you quilt them yourself or send to a longarm quilter?

  3. Surfing thru my emails and blogs, your site came up and caught my attention. Happy to say I've added your blog to my list of favorites. I live in southern California and quilt ALOT, well really piecing, However, I do make t-shirt quilts for others and do minor quilt repair work (latest was a baby quilt from 1952) Wow a lot of SMALL -patches. Your "granny squares" quilt reminded me that I have one to be quilted. Thank you for all your inspiration. Judy


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