March 31, 2014

Jelly Roll Race ... Take 2

I get all the Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorials on You Tube, and let's say they are fantastic.  They are great, descriptive, and visual movies that helped me as a beginning quilter.  Jenny always shares great little patterns for pre-cuts and helpful tips.  When the Jelly Roll Race 2 tutorial got posted, I thought this would be great way to bust through some of my scraps!  (I always cut fabric scraps into pre-cut sizes and store by size to make my life easier.)  So I pulled 42 different strips by wof, and a pulled a pile of white 2.5 inch squares and got sewing.  Here is a little scrap/stash busting at it's finest :)

And the race begins ...

This quilt came together quickly and I enjoyed the process.  The first two folds I thought were never going to end, but after that it didn't take long to finish.  I enjoy the white squares scattered throughout the quilt.  They add some randomness and break up the strips.

I also have to share that Missouri Star Quilt Company now has all their video patterns as a magazine.   No ads and everything that is great about the videos as a hard copy at a very reasonable price.  I must confess they have once again out done themselves :)

Look at all those pretty pre-cut projects!

Overall, I am so impressed with this quilt. This was a win/win.  My scrap pile is missing 42 strips and it was fun to make :)  Now I just need to find some quick projects for 5 inch squares.  

Sew long for now, 

March 28, 2014

A Thank You Gift!

One of my co-workers really helped me out by giving me a copy of Microsoft Office.  I am usually an iWorks gal, but for this particular case the two programs didn't talk nice to one another.  This left me super frustrated.  I couldn't let this good deed go without a little thank you gift!

Her maiden name is Six (perfect for a math teacher!), so I had to make something with a 6.  The block above got turned into a journal cover and I made her a matching pencil case.  

Hopefully she likes her new teacher items :)  

Sew long for now, 


March 26, 2014

Jamaican Me Happy

My cousin asked me to make a Jamaican themed quilt for her boyfriend a while ago.  She gave me a few suggestions one of which was the flag.  After a long search, I could not find a Jamaican flag pattern.  So this one sat in my really need to do some geometry to figure this thing out pile.  

I first had to purchase some solids to make this work.  The flag is black, yellow, and green.  I was thinking cream for the sashing, and that cute stripe for the binding.  She also wanted a boxing glove theme for the backing.  I couldn't find any fabric with gloves, so I might have to do some paper piecing for the back.  Hopefully there is a pattern out there somewhere!  

So far here are the flags!  They will finish at 10 inches by 13 inches.  Now I know the final block size, I can get busy setting up the rest of the design.  If anyone is interested, I can share how I made the flags :) 

So long for now, 

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March 22, 2014


Earlier in the month my Aunt Bonnie and I went fabric shopping, click here to see what we got!  So far all the fabric has been cut and two of the blocks have been sewn together.  This quilt doesn't go together quickly, but I love the drama in each of the blocks.  I guess it's a compromise.  Good thing I am not on a deadline!  

More to come hopefully soon.  

Sew long for now, 


March 19, 2014

J for Jolee

Back at my Spell it with Moda blocks.  These are so addicting!  I finished blocks A - D last week, and I cannot stop.

Here are blocks E - J!

This time I used some different solids for the letters.  I am liking how they all look together!  Next time I will take a group shot so you can see too.  

I also whipped up this little mini quilt for my friend Jolee, who has recently started quilting.  Thought she would like a mini to decorate her sewing space :).  Hers got a little star in the corner.  The funny thing is, as I was top quilting this project I noticed her last name was in the text.  How ironic, totally unplanned and perfect.  

Sew long for now, 


March 16, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt Sampler

Back at it!  Here are 5 more farmer's wife quilt blocks completed.  

Hope everyone out there had a great Sunday!  I sure got a lot done :)

Sew long for now, 


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March 14, 2014

Spell It

Not sure if you have seen the blog hop by Moda for their Spell it with Moda Fabric?  Just what I don't  need right now is a new project, but, how could I resist?!

I pulled some solid colors including a deep eggplant, black, and denim blue color to be the letters for my blocks, and a whole bunch of low volume prints for the background.  

Here are my attempts at blocks A - D.

** TIP:  Cut a bunch of 4.5 inch strips and 2.5 inch strips for the background color(s).  Most of the pieces fall in one of those dimensions.  After I had the various strips cut, it was easy to whip up these four blocks, and yes, they are addicting.  

I am already itching to keep going!  Have a good weekend everyone.

Sew long for now, 


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March 11, 2014

Weathervane Blocks

Right now I have about 16 million projects scattered about and I am so overwhelmed!  At the beginning of the month I finally joined a gym and started working out.  I didn't realize how much time would get cut out of sewing time.  I need settle into a schedule and find my sanity, asap!  Today I spent a day at a conference, so I am extra all out of sorts.  Then add in daylight savings, this is just not my week.  Everything is just crazy around here.  Anyone else just feel crazy sometimes?

Today I did start tackling the pile o' projects.  The weathervane quilt got started a while ago.  I have been working on this project here and there so all the blocks were mostly done.  This afternoon, I took the time to finish them!  Ahhh,  feeling productive again.  

Each block finishes at 12 inches by 12 inches.  It does need some sashing and probably a border.  Personally borders are not my thing but I think in this case this quilt needs one.  Maybe create a little plus in the sashing to break up all the white in the corner.  Not quite sure how this one will get finished at the moment.  Any suggestions?  

The two block above are my favorite color combinations.    Signing out your overly stressed friend. Here's to getting something accomplished before heading to the gym!

Sew long for now, 


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March 08, 2014

Tea for Two

Today I finally decided to tackle some of my 1930's scraps.  I wouldn't call these two mug rugs they are a little too big, and too small to be called a place mat.  They are the perfect size for tea!

This morning began by slicing into a stack of various sized scraps.  I decided to use my 5 inch hexagon template and my 2.5 inch tumbler template.  

Although, this flower pot of scraps does look cute sitting my sewing area.  Not for long.  

Here are all the hexagons cut and ready to go.

Patch volunteered to join me for a tea party at high noon today.  We of course tried out our new placemats and celebrated being done another project.

The backing to the hexagon is a cherry pattern.

The back of the tumblers is a little kitty.  

Now I get to actually use my new mat and enjoy a real cup of tea!  Happy Saturday everyone, kick back and relax.

Sew long for now, 


March 06, 2014

Girl's Day Out and a HUGE THANK YOU!

Look I made progress :)

Now for the real intent of this post.  I want to say thank you to those who have regularly visited my site, and those who are new welcome :).  These past two months have been a delightful experience for me, so many unexpected things have happened along the way.  I have meet so many great people and received such kind words of encouragement and appreciation for my work.  It's so refreshing to be part of such a positive environment :).  

Some firsts/highlights so far .... 
  • Mary found me.  She is another blogger in NH, from Urban Quilter, who loves giraffes, was an architecture student, and quilts.  First person to have a ridiculous amount in common.  
  • I got listed as a Blog Favs for Daughters of Dornida.  First, that I know of :)
  • Cindi over at Today I ... who was my very first comment on the blog.
  • Candace over at Saltwater Quilts was my first bloglovin' follower!
  • Being able to link with Crazy Mom Quilts and Freshly Pieced on a regular basis.  
  • All those who make every day here wonderful and much more than I expected (yeah, that's you too!).
So many thanks!

Last week my Aunt Bonnie and I had a little girls day out and took a trip up to Center Harbor, NH to visit Keepsake Quilting.  This place is epic in terms of quilt shops!  If you have no self restraint in terms of fabric or yarn, this place would not be recommended.  I could easily have told the woman at the cutting counter, yes one yard of everything :).  The place also has a yarn shop so double trouble.

My Aunt no longer quilts and has graciously given me her stash (insert a happy dance!).  Although she did request that I make a quilt from her favorite prints, of course I agreed.  Today we were on a mission to get all the materials necessary for this quilts completion.  She also got carried away and got material for a whole second quilt.  The fabric choices are not my typical but so pretty.  I am excited to have a project that will be in a unique pallet.  

Pattern ... check

Fireworks by Thimble Blossoms

Fabric ... check

Backing and Binding ... check

The binding is the second fabric down in the right pile, and the backing is the fabric right below the binding.

Started ... check pending

Being on a fabric fast and trying to be good financially was more than challenging today, but I made out with minimal damage.  I can feel good about that!  Things I purchased include this book of knitted toys.  I have been BEGGING my Grandmother to knit me a giraffe softie, and she has yet to follow through.  (Patch needs a friend). This book has a great pattern for a giraffe, so I got it as a little inspiration!  I also got some yarn to knit an infinity scarf, project number 2 on my new knitting list of projects.  

My Aunt also surprised me with this this little knitting bag!  How stinkin' cute is this thing???  Pretty sure it had my name ALL over it!  Pink with giraffes, can't get any better than that!

The bag has a grommet to feed the yarn through so the yarn ball doesn't roll all around when you're knitting out and about.  How genius?!

On the inside is a generous pocket with another grommet hole.  I put my crochet hook, yarn needles, a pair of small scissors, and some little things nice to hand around when knitting in the pocket.  **I haven't balled up the second skein of yarn, not sure it will work well not balled?

Okay, that was a lot to say and share!  Thanks for taking the time to read all this and be part of my blog.  All the support is appreciated.  

Sew long for now, 


March 04, 2014

California Girl


I few years ago I taught down in New Orleans and got to experience Mardi Gras from the local standpoint.  In parts of town it was very family orientated.  Let's say that the French Quarter lives up to its reputation.  Uptown was pretty cool parading with friends, a crawfish boil on the street car tracks, kids standing on ladders above the crowd catching beads and stuffies.  Much different than I expected in my head.  My college friend came down to enjoy the festivities and it didn't let us down.  The floats were spectacular, but what I like most about the parades was the high school marching bands.  They did such a great job.     

Today I also finished this UFO using California Girl fabric by Moda.  This quilt top has been sitting around since last summer and it's about time I finished this project.  (Middle quilt in my UFO pile, 3 out of 5 done).  Yay for another finish!

This project started as a layer cake.  To be honest, I cannot remember how I cut each square to create this quilt, but it involved some narrow pieces and the larger pieces got made into a border.

Here is a glimpse of the backing, which is also priced, using a strip from the front and two different fabrics from the line.

The top finishes at 54 inches x 71 inches.  This size is perfect for a toddler bed and not to heavy for a small child.  The whole thing is top stitched using a stippled pattern, all done free-hand.


Hope everyone is having a happy Fat Tuesday and getting their UFO finished up this week!

Sew long for now,