September 30, 2016

Dog Days: Finished

At the beginning of the month, I participated in the Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop and created the block Dog Days.  At the time of the blocks creation I was in the midst of those dog days of summer. Now with fall in full swing, how I wish to go back to those lazy summer days. 

Instead, I will enjoy pumpkin spice everything! 

While visiting my parents last weekend, I got in a quick photo shoot of a couple recent finishes. More on the other one later. The backing from this quilt came in the mail and I spared no time getting the quilt finished! 

Mike and I had drove North to attend my Uncle's auction. He had some cool thread displays for J & P Coats and John Clark from before they became Coats & Clark! Both displays sold way over my budget. So disappointing. Although I did get an old quilt made from feed sack prints, it's in rough shape. I just loved the pattern and colors. Any advice on repairs and washing? 

Finished Size: 48 inches x 60 inches, Pattern: Dog Days Fabric: Scraps, Batting: 80/20 blend, Thread: Connecting Threads - Sky, Quilting: Swirling Wind

... and just because I love that tractor :) 

September 27, 2016

Another Swell Quilt

Another quilt start is in order after finishing many of my WIPs and conquering my scrap bin!

Lately I have been good about not starting new projects but finishing up what I already have going. Each year I start off making and planning a bunch of new projects then spend the rest of year getting said projects under control.

I wasn't about to let it happen again this year!

I have decided to go crazy with my Bonnie and Camille fabrics.

Stashed away was one layer cake of Hello Darling, a jolly bar of Little Ruby, and a charm pack of Miss Kate. To start, I cut the layer cake and jolly bar into 5 inch squares.

The pile had more oranges, reds, and greens than I expected. Michelle at From Bolt to Beauty got herself a nice stack of squares that were not deemed to be the "right" color.  Then added in a couple fabrics I deemed to be the "right" color.

As of now, the plan is to make another Swell quilt, but I am tempted to try my Twisted Nines tutorial on a bigger quilt using some Kona Midnight in the corners again. 

What do you think?

September 24, 2016

Sunday Stash

Need a backing? What a great excuse to buy fabric. Wouldn't it be a shame to just order one thing? Fabric is best ordered in batches! So, two batches arrive last week. 

The bottom fabric is going to be the backing for my Dog Days quilt. I am loving this geometric print! 

One of my dearest friends is a hairdresser, so there are Christmas present plans for these beauties. The line is called "Good Hair Day." Amy Garro gave me some in her So Chelsea destash and my wheels started churning. Just had to order some bigger pieces to round out the idea.

I spy Playground by Amy Sinibaldi! 

Net: + 8.5 yards 

September 19, 2016

Fiona's Bear

Over a year ago, my friends daughter had asked if I would make her Grandma's favorite t-shirt into a teddy bear. The shirt is faded, snuggly, and well worn. Just a perfect reminder of this little girls Grammy. 

How could I resist? She was so cute when she asked! 

To stabilize the t-shirt and provide more structure I used Pellon 906F fusible interfacing on the back side before cutting the pieces. At first I had trouble getting it to stick and eventually used steam even though the directions says to use dry heat. It was was only way I could get interfacing to stick. Once attached I had no issues when sewing. Then I pulled an cozy pair of corduroy pants for a contrast color. 

The pattern is How Joyful Bear from the How Joyful blog. She provides detailed picture directions and free pattern pieces to assemble the bear. This is my second time using the pattern and it was very well laid out. 

The eyes are black buttons I had on hand. Black floss was used to stitch X details on the corners. Then, red gingham ribbon tied around the neck. The red really pops against the blue and green of the bear.

Now it's time to get this bear boxed up and shipped out. One little girl has waited long enough! 

September 15, 2016

Dog Days: Flimsy Finish

dog days |ˈdɔɡ ˈˌdeɪz|a period of inactivity or sluggishness

Earlier this week Cloud 9 sponsored the latest New Block Hop. Dog Days made is block debut that Monday. The whole theme capitalized on how I was felt whilst in design mode. August was all about dog days! 

Click here for the block tutorial. 

To test the pattern, I started with making 4 blocks. After that, I was addicted and made up another 16! The quilt top has 20 blocks total in a 4 x 5 block arrangement. Each block finishes at 12 inches square and the quilt measures approximately 48 inches by 60 inches. 

After making a string of large quilts, I am feeling this is the PERFECT size quilt, not too big but not too small.

For the test blocks I used scraps to see how they would look all together. I loved how they turned out and kept going, digging into my scrap bin yet again. Boy do I not regret, this top has so many patterns and so much personality. Scrappy is the theme of year, but this might be my last for a while. My scrap bin is officially "under control." 

For now anyways ...

Linking to Needle n' Thread Thursday and Finish It Up Friday 

September 12, 2016

Dog Days: Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop

Hello and Welcome!! 

Hopefully you're stopping over from the 2016 New Block Blog Hop sponsored by Cloud 9 fabrics. If you already hang out around here stop by some other sites! Links are at the bottom of the page.  The hop will be happening over the next three days so keep an eye out for some new block creativity here in blogland. 

Summer in New England is officially over. The days are getting cooler and the nights are crisp. Fall clothing and warm coffee are now the trend. Although we are officially ready for Fall this block was thought up during those dog days of summer. In late August it was just to HOT to quilt. Instead I sat down with some graph paper and eventually this block was created. Rosa dog was lying next to me sweltering in the heat, hence the name.

2016 Color Palette 



Background - Sky: (2) 5 inch squares, (2) 5 inch by 3 inch, (4) 2.5 inch x 4.5 inch
Color 1 - Iris: (2) 5 inch by 3 inch, (2) 3 inch squares
Color 2 - Lilac: (8) 2.5 inch squares, (2) 3 inch squares
Color 3 - Amazon: (2) 5 inch squares

BLOCK PIECES: Each piece will be 4.5 inches square, unfinished.

Corner Blocks: 
To create the four corner pieces. 

Take the (2) background and (2) color 3 - 5 inch squares. Draw a line diagonally down the back of the background fabric with a pencil. With fabrics right sides together, sew a scant quarter inch from either side of the line. Cut down the center and press open. Trim to 4.5 inch square. 

Take (4) of the color 2 - 2.5 inch squares and draw a line diagonally down the back of the fabric with a pencil. Sew on the line to create a triangle in the corner of color 3, as shown below. 

To create the pinwheel center. 

Take the (2) color 1 and (2) color 2 - 3 inch squares. Draw a line diagonally down the back of the color 1 fabric with a pencil. With fabrics right sides together, sew a scant quarter inch from either side of the line. Cut down the center and press open. Trim to 2.5 inch square. 

Lay out the 4 half square triangles, as shown below, and sew together.

Left Side: 

To create the 4 large points - half square rectangles. 

Take the (2) background and (2) color 1 - 3 inch x 5 inch pieces and mark the background pieces with a diagonal line that is 1/8 of an inch from either corner, as shown below. Align the fabric diagonally with right sides together leaving an 1/8 inch gap, sew a scant quarter inch from either side of the line. Trim to 2.5 inch by 4.5 inch.

Right Side: 

To create the 4 small points.

Take (4) of the color 2 - 2.5 inch squares and draw a line diagonally down the back of the fabric with a pencil. Sew on the line to create a triangle in the corner of the background rectangle, as shown below. **Be sure to sew in the opposite direction of the left side point.

To create the 4 point pieces.

Take one left side and one right side and sew together along the center, as shown below, four times.


Lay the pieces out as shown to create a 9 patch. Sew blocks together to make rows, then sew the rows together. The block will be 12.5 inches square unfinished, and 12 inches square finished.

Check out all the new blocks being created throughout the week!

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September 09, 2016

Scrap Attack: Part II


Five scrap quilts have been made in the year, five. How do I still have scraps hanging around? Where are the scraps coming from? 

I have been wracking my brain around multiple conspiracy theories these last weeks.

On one of my many rants about scraps {sorry} lately, one commenter had suggested using one fabric and pulling all the scrap fabric to match to create a cohesive quilt. In lieu of dumping all the scraps on the floor, yet again, I tried this approach. It works and requires less thought. Thank you to whomever gave this sound advice. Please comment and I will give you credit for this amazing idea. 

Choosing Granny Squares wasn't the best approach to tackling lots of scraps. Actually, it made virtually no impact. Either way I have been itching to make another. 

Finished Size: 55 inches x 55 inches, Pattern: Granny Squares, Fabric: Scraps, Batting: 80/20 blend, Thread: Connecting Threads - Parchment, Quilting: Stipple + Paisley 

QUESTION: Does anyone know what size these are supposed to get squared to? Mine all came out at 8.75 inches using 2.5 inch squares. Someone please confirm I am not going crazy, or confirm I am crazy. Either way is fine, but I need answers!

Quilt Net: - 6.75 yards
Year to Date: - 91.25 yards

September 05, 2016

FWQA: Plan B

School has started and summer is over. {This is very sad to type} The school gives us a nice four day weekend for Labor Day. So, Mike and I headed up to Vermont for some relaxation with great friends and this nugget. Isn't that car awesome?

Now for the real share of the day. In my "free time" this summer I did come up with an alternative plan for my Farmer's Wife Quilt Along. At this point I am so desperately far behind and have no desire to catch up.

Absolutely none. 

Currently 21 blocks are done, so abandoning the project completely also wouldn't work for me. Too much time has already been invested.

Introducing Plan B ...

Each Farmer's Wife block was matched with a 6.5 inch hourglass block (finished 6 inches).  I used Cirrus from Cloud 9 fabrics in Mist with Kona Snow. The blocks are arranged alternating hourglass and Farmer's Wife block to create a 6 x 7 grid. 

Around the outside is an 1.5 inch border. To make this quilt finish a little larger, I added another border of flying geese. Each piece finishes at 3 inches x 6 inches, with a diamond in each corner. Two sides are in warm colors, the other two in cool colors.

I used the four geese at a time method to speed up the process. In total I needed 14 different prints to make 56 flying geese. The backing was pieced from extra fabric not used in the blocks. 

One afternoon was all I needed to get the new plan completed. It came out super cute and it done :) 

Finished Size: 51 inches x 57 inches, Pattern: 1930's Farmer's Wife Quilt Blocks, Fabric: various  1930's prints, Batting: 80/20 blend, Thread: Connecting Threads - Parchment, Quilting: Stipple

Quilt Net: - 6.5 yards
Year to Date: - 90 yards