August 28, 2016

How Pretty: Sunday Stash

Apparently one day online shopping I pre-ordered these beauties. When the notification came through to verify my purchase, I just about jumped for joy. So pretty.

I'll just let you enjoy the photos and not talk ...

My personal favorites from the line 

Any suggestions on projects? 
I am dying to make something with this line.

Net: + 8 yards
Year to Date: - 80.5 yards

August 25, 2016

Side Tracked: Knitting Edition

Knitting, right? 

Other than the fact my wrist is killing me, I did manage to get these two blankets knitted. Anyone have thoughts on continental knitting? I hear it's better on the hands/wrists? What's the learning curve? One of my guild buddies brought it to my attention and sounds worth the venture. Knitting with ice packs wrapped on my wrist isn't the best idea. Or do I just quit now? Maybe I should seek a doctor ... There is always quilting. 

Let's not pretend I know much about knitting. I can knit and purl, that's it. For both quilts I used two threads. Both have a 3 on the package (sure that means something to knitters out there!), and a size 13 circular needle. 


Final size: 48 inches by 60 inches 
Pattern: Double Seed 

I probably shouldn't announce this out loud but this was my first attempt at a baby blanket. Once I realized the width was 48 inches that plan went out the window. Plan B, a blanket for me. The next one had a better size. Live and learn, then get ice packs!


Final size: 34 inches by 38 inches. 
Pattern: Gardner Stitch = fancy for only knit stitches

My friend's daughter is turning 2 this weekend. Happy Birthday Harper. Mom requested a quilt when she was born. The blanket will match but is more her size at the moment. Hopefully it goes to good use! 

How does one know the width when casting on stitches? Is there is trick? 

August 22, 2016

Sugar Blocks = Favorite Blocks

Whoa, where did summer go? We start school next week and I am far from ready. My lengthy "to do" list is yet to be "to done." There are about 10 sewing projects that I told myself I would have finished before summer was over.  Jokes on me.

**As all you parents out there read that last part, you let out a sigh of relief that you can have your sewing time back soon.**

One thing on that list was my Sugar Blocks. This weekend I was able to get the last six blocks done. I know it's only August but I have veered off course. Way off course. Here are my final additions. 

Over the year I have been making my favorite blocks to fill in the rest of the quilt and got carried away. Now, I have 30 blocks and they are all favorites. Some are from the 2016 and the 2014 Sugar Block Club, others from a variety of places. 

30 done, 0 pending. Now it's time to assemble the top, which is the actual goal for end of summer! Wish me luck.

August 04, 2016

Summer Heat

Oh man, this summer heat has defiantly put a damper on my productivity. Summer school is officially over and I have no excuse to waste away my days with nothing to show. 

That's partially a lie. 

Things have been happening around here just not in the sewing room. I am still on the house hunt. Of course, the market decided to "heat up" at the exact moment I'm looking. Still, there is hope. Something will happen, at some point in time. Fingers crossed. My only requirements is I have sewing space, with ample storage for my fabric.  It's non-negotiable!

Chambray's are my new favorite. 
I picked these {very well priced} Robert Kaufman chambray's at

Yardage from Fat Quarter Shop

Summer Sun Pure Elements Bundle 

Dixie by Cluck Cluck Sew

A group of quilt guilt friends went out to dinner last night, and we discussed how fabric sewing decreases in the summer and fabric acquisition increases. Anyone else experiencing the problem?

Here is to my +22 yards increase. Oops, I blame the heat. Although, in my defense this year I have sewn a record amount of fabric. Even with this new bender I am at a net of - 88.5 yards for the year!

That is almost 30 pounds of fabric!

Attention: Fellow Bloggers and Photo Enthusiast 
Amanda at The Cozy Pumpkin just wrapped up her "Photo 1-0 Fun" series. It's free, well-done, and worth a read. I have been shooting with a DSLR for years and I learned some new things! She started with the basics and went through the different aspects of shooting manual, lenses, and post processing.