August 04, 2016

Summer Heat

Oh man, this summer heat has defiantly put a damper on my productivity. Summer school is officially over and I have no excuse to waste away my days with nothing to show. 

That's partially a lie. 

Things have been happening around here just not in the sewing room. I am still on the house hunt. Of course, the market decided to "heat up" at the exact moment I'm looking. Still, there is hope. Something will happen, at some point in time. Fingers crossed. My only requirements is I have sewing space, with ample storage for my fabric.  It's non-negotiable!

Chambray's are my new favorite. 
I picked these {very well priced} Robert Kaufman chambray's at

Yardage from Fat Quarter Shop

Summer Sun Pure Elements Bundle 

Dixie by Cluck Cluck Sew

A group of quilt guilt friends went out to dinner last night, and we discussed how fabric sewing decreases in the summer and fabric acquisition increases. Anyone else experiencing the problem?

Here is to my +22 yards increase. Oops, I blame the heat. Although, in my defense this year I have sewn a record amount of fabric. Even with this new bender I am at a net of - 88.5 yards for the year!

That is almost 30 pounds of fabric!

Attention: Fellow Bloggers and Photo Enthusiast 
Amanda at The Cozy Pumpkin just wrapped up her "Photo 1-0 Fun" series. It's free, well-done, and worth a read. I have been shooting with a DSLR for years and I learned some new things! She started with the basics and went through the different aspects of shooting manual, lenses, and post processing. 


  1. For me, it is harder to get enthusiastic about summer sewing because of the heat and the thought of using the iron just makes me feel even hotter! I don't know if there are other reasons, but that's my main excuse. :)

  2. You are the sweetest! I was going through my bloglovin', read your post, and then read your positive review of my series. are seriously going to make me get all emotional. I am feeling drained and this was such a lovely boost. All of your fabric is gorgeous...great picks! And I pray the perfect house comes along with a glorious sewing space. I keep wondering if my kids really need a playroom (HA!). Then I could expand and have my guest room back. A girl can dream....

  3. You sure picked some beautiful fabrics! I bought about 20 yards last month. Hopefully I won't be getting any more for a little while. My collection is pretty big and some of it is OLD. Must finish some more quilts so I can make a little dent in that stash!

  4. It looks like you fell off the wagon to pick up some gorgeous fabrics! Buying fabric is the quilting you do when you're not actually quilting in my opinion. 30 pounds is a lot to lose, you deserve a splurge!

  5. I can't blame the summer heat -- I buy more fabric than I cut up and sew ALL YEAR ROUND! It's kind of deliberate, though. I realized through what I'd been pinning on Pinterest that the quilts I most admire had lots of solids and neutrals in them, but when I started quilting I would buy only the bright, exciting, splashy print fabrics so that's all I had in my stash. My stash needed some "backup singers" for all those diva prints. So I think of myself as a Fabric Curator, and it's my job to oversee acquisitions for a balanced and versatile collection. Just like it's not the museum's goal to get rid of everything in their art or artifacts collections, it's not MY goal to use up all of my fabric, either! :-) Another thing I've noticed: When I started quilting, I was doing things like strip piecing for 9 patches and fence rails. Those projects burn through fabric a lot faster than the more challenging things I'm working on lately, FPP Farmer's Wife blocks with tons of little pieces, or hand applique. And the more fabric I have in my studio, the more choices I have at 9 PM on a Thursday when I get 15 minutes to sew.

    I love that star quilt, by the way. Gorgeous!

  6. Everything - sewing and fabric buying - slows down for me in summer. But I guess that's a good thing since it's the off-season for my work. My paychecks are significantly less and wouldn't survive if I bought fabric in the summer. Thanks for the tip on the photo tutorials. I plan to check them out at some point.

  7. say WHATTTTTT those chambrays look like an Amy stack!! I need to come steal them!!