April 29, 2014

Color Run + Fireworks

I just have to share, I survived my first 5k this weekend!  After months of painful training, and sheer determination it was race day.  My aunt and I did the Color Run.  Even though it wasn't timed, it was still fun.  Now I want to do a 5k that I actually have to seriously run and get timed.  We spent more time taking pictures and goofing off rather than running!

Once home, I fell into a complete sewing coma.  Race stress was gone, and I got sewing fever.  Literally just sat and sewed for 10 hours straight ... it all started with this lot of Fireworks blocks.

The pattern calls for 16 blocks total, and I cut 4 extra.  That makes me half way done!!!  These blocks are quite intense, and take some precious time to make just one!  Although I am still in love with drama of each block.  Pretty sure those piles of cut fabric are going to remain there for a while longer.  I ran out of fireworks steam for the moment.  My aunt picked a monochromatic taupe color theme, and it works really well with this bold pattern!

I also broke down and printed the templates for the Farmer's Wife quilt.  So I started cutting out fabrics for the next group of blocks, most with the templates.  Wish me luck!  It just looks intense.  Hopefully those will be ready to share in the next week or so.  Fingers crossed for success here.  

Sew long for now, 

April 25, 2014

Quilt Challenge 2014

Last year while shopping at a local quilt store, I came across two honey buns in a clearance bin for $10 each.  My first thought was what would I do with this?!?!  Then I got the idea of having a quilt competition with my Grandmother.  So game on.  Here is what we game up with from our honey buns last year.  I love the embroidery my Gram did in the center of her quilt.  Sorry this image is bad ... it's hard to see the details.  

Well this year we are back at it again!  This time around we are using a Birds and Berry charm pack by Lauren & Jessi Jung with some coordinating fat quarters.  

There aren't that many rules in this competition, it just has to be a baby quilt at minimum.  The rest is up to us to get creative.  I have some ideas so far, but I haven't settled on anything yet.  Anyone have any ideas???  The plan is to get started over vacation next week but, there is so much pressure I cannot bring myself to start cutting.  I am at a standstill.  Hopefully more of you out there are having a much more productive week!

Sew long for now, 

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Finally spring has sprung around here!  Its been so crummy out that I have been unable to get these tops photographed for weeks now!  Yard work is getting done and the sun is shinning, totally enjoying this beautiful Easter day.  

Two of these quilts are to help cut back on my scraps.  They are the same pattern just different size blocks.  I used the Swell pattern from the book Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley.  The first time, I followed the pattern using 2.5 inch squares from my scrap bin. 

The quilt came together super easy, as the pattern is just a 9 patch of squares.  I had to modify the pattern as I wanted to use up a bunch of 2.5 inch squares that were already cut.  

The second time, I used some some 4 inch squares that I had cut up long ago to make a larger block.  For the background I used a large piece of white print.  I think I liked the scrappy variety of white in the smaller block, but it still came out nice.

My Spell it with Moda also came together.  This one has been laying around for some time waiting to be photographed.  I am happy with my choice to use a wider sashing, although I am still debating if I should put a border or two on the edge?

Spring is in bloom.  After this long winter, it's nice to see flowers and know summer is coming soon.  Just a week until spring vacation!  Now I need to survive so I can sit on the front porch, enjoy a book, and get some sewing done before the end of the year gets crazy.

Sew long for now, 

April 16, 2014

Be .... Late.

Ok this is very late, but here is March for my Sugar Block Club!  I know April is almost over, but last month we were encouraged to "be ... an explorer".  I have been blessed to have some great travel experiences and I welcome anything new or a challenge.  Here is my list of new explorations from last month.  (I guess better late than never!)
  • Try a recipe from my friend Elizabeth's blog called Bowl of Delicious.   She has a couple Greek recipes I have been dying to try out.  (Been eyeing that cardamon granola!)
  • My cousin wants a Jamaican flag quilt, so I battled at how to piece all the triangles to make the flag and look proportionate.   
  • I signed up to do the Color Me Rad 5k in Manchester with my Aunt Gina, so training started two weeks ago.  I am doing the couch potato to 5k app/plan.  It sounded fitting :)
  • I started working on my Aunt's Fireworks quilt in taupes (not my usual colors).
  • Knitting a scarf in a pattern.  Eek!  Well lets be honest, my last knitting adventure was an epic fail.  I am either a glutton for punishment or this it's going to work this time. 
April has been equally busy, but at least this month is one time!

March Block

April Block

Together at last!  They are all looking so pretty with one another :)

What are some things you tried in the last month that are new and exciting?  Have you challenged yourself and done something out of your normal?

Sew long for now, 

April 14, 2014

Palette Builder

Here is my new obsession!  If you haven't been to Play Craft and tried out their palette builder.  It's a must.  It's similar to those color palettes on Pinterest, but these are matched to Kona solids!!!!  Way too cool.  This takes the guess work out of buying solids, especially if you're like me and have to order online.  

I could share about 20 more palettes, but I will stop here and leave you with just a couple of favorites :)  These are two pictures from my Instagram account, but any photo can be used that has a good color combination!  Yep, huge fan, it's official.  

Sew long for now, 

April 12, 2014

It's Easy as ABC ...

Look what I finished!  Well, not all finished, but all blocks A - Z are done.  I also finished the four filler blocks.  Today I am feeling very productive :)

For this quilt I used low-volume fabrics in the background and solid fabrics for the letters.  Each block will get sashing using the same low-volume fabrics.  I am going to use a larger sashing than in the directions to break up some of the solid black.

Typically, I don't grow attached to my quilts.  It's something I do as a hobby, for entertainment.    Although with this one, I am attached.  This is the first quilt in a long time that I actually want to keep!  Now, I just have to decided, border or none, binding, and backing.   

The "X" is not my favorite, it's actually is bothering me!  The lines are thicker than any other letter.  I am still thinking about reworking this block.  On a happy note, all the other blocks came together very fast and were easy to piece.  I was worried with matching the crazy seams.  Even if they were a little off it would be obvious as the letters would be choppy.  Let's just say Moda did a great job designing the letters, I didn't even use a pin and it all worked out great.  

This quilt is impressive sitting here on the floor.  I think I am going to sit here and stare at if for a while longer.  Enjoy the moment until my next wave of energy.  

Sew long for now, 

April 10, 2014

Scraptastic Time

The Jelly Roll Race 2 has got me started on a major descrap kick.  Overwhelmed with a huge selection of pink charm squares, I decided on two different quilts.  Talk about too many squares, two quilts and I didn't even made a dent!

The first quit is called The Road to .... Oh Damn I found at the Quilty Friends blog.  This block finishes at 12 inches square.  I am going to use darker pinks and lighter pinks to help create the pattern.  

The minty green fabric is going to be the "Oops" blocks.  Quilty Friends has great directions for fabric requirement for many different sizes.  I am going with the 16 block option with borders.

The second quilt is called True Blue although this one is going to be True Pink!  The Quilt Ladies blog did 52 weeks of quilt block patterns, and week 50 caught my eye.  The plan is to complete 30 blocks, each finishing at 12 inches square.   

Even with my lofty goals this year, it would be nice to destash my older scraps as another goal!  I also would like to donate some of my scrap quilts to charity, so these might be a good donation pair!  Anyone know of any great organizations that need donations?  It would be nice for them to stay local to New England, if possible.

Sew long for now, 

April 08, 2014

Epic Amounts of Finished

These poor quilts have sat on the couch for a few weeks waiting to be finished.  So, I guess it was time to start.  Typically I am pretty prompt with my binding. The anticipation of the finish and another project off the list really motivates me.  Not lately, I had THREE quilts patiently waiting to be finished!  I am so excited to have soooo much to share today! 

Odds & Ends
 48 inches x 60 inches

My Aunt Nona quickly laid claim to this one, so I made her pose with it :)

Funky Churn Dash
47 inches x 53 inches

Spring Weathervane 
48 inches x 60 inches 

Ok, that was a lot to share.  So happy that these three are now officially off my project list.  Now I can justify cutting more fabric and starting more quilts!  Yay.

Sew long for now, 

April 05, 2014

Weathervane Top Done

Yesterday, I was really in the mood for spring.  So I pulled out my Weathervane quilt.  These colors scream spring and everything bright and sunny :)  My goal was to get the top completed.

I ended up going with a little plus sign in the sashing to break up all the white.  It just became too white for my liking.  The border on the outside also helps complete the plus signs.  As a math teacher how could I resist?

Overall it came out just as I had imagined it in my head, I love when that happens!  Now I just need a plan to top quit.  Probably going to go with some simple straight line stitches for this one.

Oh the happiness of this quilt just makes me smile!

Sew long for now, 


April 02, 2014

Farmer's Wife

This weekend I had some time to work on my farmer's wife sampler quilt.  I went all out this time around and completed TEN all at the same time!  Yay, me.  Here is how they came out ...

Sorry some of the photo's are dark.  I was racing the sun at this point in the day!

Sew long for now,