April 16, 2014

Be .... Late.

Ok this is very late, but here is March for my Sugar Block Club!  I know April is almost over, but last month we were encouraged to "be ... an explorer".  I have been blessed to have some great travel experiences and I welcome anything new or a challenge.  Here is my list of new explorations from last month.  (I guess better late than never!)
  • Try a recipe from my friend Elizabeth's blog called Bowl of Delicious.   She has a couple Greek recipes I have been dying to try out.  (Been eyeing that cardamon granola!)
  • My cousin wants a Jamaican flag quilt, so I battled at how to piece all the triangles to make the flag and look proportionate.   
  • I signed up to do the Color Me Rad 5k in Manchester with my Aunt Gina, so training started two weeks ago.  I am doing the couch potato to 5k app/plan.  It sounded fitting :)
  • I started working on my Aunt's Fireworks quilt in taupes (not my usual colors).
  • Knitting a scarf in a pattern.  Eek!  Well lets be honest, my last knitting adventure was an epic fail.  I am either a glutton for punishment or this it's going to work this time. 
April has been equally busy, but at least this month is one time!

March Block

April Block

Together at last!  They are all looking so pretty with one another :)

What are some things you tried in the last month that are new and exciting?  Have you challenged yourself and done something out of your normal?

Sew long for now, 


  1. Don't forget to sleep too! You are amazing to do all this and work too, I love the fabric colours, the salmon pink and navy blue are lovely together.

  2. Great blocks! It is all going to look so lovely when finished - have a happy Easter!