February 26, 2016

Outlined Plus is Complete

It's done, it's done! I was able to finish my Outlined Plus quilt over vacation. Celebrating with a little jig over here.

The blocks started as part of the Outline Plus quilt along hosted by Cindy at Hyacinths Quilt Designs. I got hooked and couldn't stop.

More process posts are here, here, and here.

Although this winter has been pretty mild here in the Northeast, the day I decided to back this quilt it was a record breaking low. 

So, I used flannel. It creates a nice heavy winter weight to the quilt. 

  • Finished Size: 60 inches x 72 inches 
  • Fabric: Small pieces from Stash
  • Batting: 80/20 blend
  • Thread: Connecting Threads - Lavender
  • Quilting: Wavy Lines

Light blue flannel backing

Quilting detail

I also won some free patterns from Meadow Mist Designs, thank you Cheryl! And, thank you to Cindy from Hyacinth Quilt Designs who hosted the quilt along. Check out #outlinedplusquilt on Instagram to see what everyone came up with, it's pretty impressive.

February 23, 2016


In recent posts I have shared my frustrations of my new camera purchase. It's not that the camera isn't good enough, my wishful thinking thought it would require less effort. 

Silly me. 

The light sensor would know exactly what to do and I could shoot full automatic and the picture would look professional. Nope, the new camera still requires some effort to get the lighting right.

New Block Blog Hop fabric

On Sunday, I made the commitment to master the new camera. 

Took a deep breath, turned on Manual mode and just started taking pictures of things around the house in different light. The same method I had used to learn my last camera, except it was for a class. 

Taking many shots playing with different settings until it was natural. 

Some Perle cotton thread
colored pencils and my favorite brand of purple pen

Now things are not natural and quick yet, but I feel as though the new camera and I have bonded a bit. It was easier to shoot manual on the new camera. 

As I write, mentally I am comparing this to Toy Story.  Hear me out ...   

Andy (old camera) is awesome and nostalgic been around to see my history.  Then Buzz (new camera) comes along all shiny and new screaming, "to infinity and beyond!" No one really likes Buzz at first because he's a nudge, but everyone eventually warms up to him. I just hope neither get's pushed out of the window. 

Insert audio of me chuckling to myself.

February 19, 2016

Outlined Plus

How many of my quilt peeps are doing the Outlined Plus Quilt Along with Hyacinth's Quilt Designs?

According to what's happening at #outlinedplusquilt many people have joined the fun.

It's been awesome to see everyone's choice in color. I will admit to frequently geeking out about color and analyzing colors though other people's choices.

You can see I took a very scrappy approach to this quilt sticking with an aqua/teal, plum/magenta, low volume theme. 

Still working through the camera struggle .... :(

Someday's I just want to dig out my old camera and know how it all works, like having tea with an old friend.

Although, I am really trying hard to get to know this shinny, fancy, new friend who likes expresso! Just not my style yet.

Sigh, maybe I'll just go buy fabric to find my balance.

February 16, 2016

February Sugar Block

Hello February!  Your take on the log cabin block is beautiful. 

It only took until February but we finally got our first snow day here in the Northeast! Snow day's happen to be the best because I am left with a whole day of no plans.  Translate to quilter's speak, a whole day to quilt without feeling guilty. 

Another added bonus. The ground is finally covered with snow, or there is something to bounce light and make everything brighter! Good thing because the days around here have been pretty dull and drab. 

Interested in the joining? Check out Sugar Block of the Month Club over at Stichery Dickory Dock.

February 13, 2016

Sugar Block Club 2014

Not sure if anyone can relate, but I am a "to do list" gal. I have to make a list every day and systematically go through and check things off.

Nothing is like the small amount of joy felt when making that, in my left handed case, backwards check. It's fulfilling on many levels.

Why do I mention my obsession with check lists?

Well, this quilt was a super exciting to check off.  My 2014 Sugar Block of the Month quilt, has been sitting around for over a year and I love this one! I just haven't gotten around to finishing this beast. 

The other weekend I dug out the backing fabric I had purchased last summer at Marden's for this very quilt and got basting.

After pushing all of the quilt through my domestic, the binding was procrastinated for another week.

Finally, the quilt is done and ready to snuggle! I got sick right after finishing this quilt so it was the perfect amount of comfort I needed. 

Quilt Stats: 
  • Finished Size: 64 inches x 77 inches 
  • Fabric: Stash
  • Batting: 80/20 blend
  • Thread: Connecting Threads - Parchment
  • Quilting: large meandering stipple

In the midst of being upset about lack of light this winter, I broke down and purchased an indoor lighting studio. Unfortunately, the only place large enough for all that stuff is the basement.  

Does anyone else use indoor lights to photograph quilts? 

If so what am I missing here? Not to mention that I am still learning my new camera, this shoot wasn't as "picture perfect" as I envisioned. Any advice, camera settings, tips, anything, just HELP! 

Adobe Lightroom was my saving grace for this shoot. I had to work a lot of behind the scenes magic to get these photos to work. Clearly I need some concrete love but that is already being thought out. 

February 11, 2016

99 Problems

Ever have that feeling you bit off more than you can chew? Like 99 blocks too many?

That is how I feel about the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along. I only have 20 blocks done .... that puts me at 79 to go.

Insert screaming contorted face.

Seriously, what was I thinking? Am I insane? Did I really think I could make that many 6 inch blocks on a schedule? I see all the pretty blocks posted on the group and want to cry at the fact I will never reach that level of Farmer's Wife success.  

Here is my level of Farmer's Wife fail, I don't even know the names of these blocks!

So, onto plan B ...

The new idea will include 36 blocks some sashing and lots of flying geese. I haven't worked out all my details yet, but I will share more later when I have a legit plan not a fancy idea.

The goal is for the quilt to finish at about 48 inches square so it's useable but not overwhelming to finish. 16 more sounds so much better than 79 more!

Deep breaths. 

February 07, 2016

Sunday Stashing

As last year winded down, sewing my stash became a personal mission. I ended last fall with a - 25 yard net. Not too bad at all. 

Since then I have continued the trend. 

I will admit to hitting up a New Year's Day sale at our local quilt shop Quilter's Way, and a Connected Threads order recently for a net of +20 yards. After all, it was a sale :)  

The good news is, those purchases are nothing compared to the THREE quilts I started last month.  One is my family challenge quilt for 2016 so that is going to kept under top secret status (- 6 yards), the others are Penny Tiles (-13 yards) and Outlined Plus Quilt Along ( - 6 yards). 

Including projects I am trying to finish, my current net for the year is - 12.5 yards! More on those later. 

My Gram was kind enough to pick up this sweet little fat quarter pack for me! Aren't these super cute?

Notice the Lotta mixed with some cute florals and solids. They are so welcome to my stash :)

Thanks Gram! 

February 04, 2016

Outlined Plus Quilt

Have you heard about the quilt along going on over at Hyacinth Quilt Deigns

Cindy is coordinating the quilt along using Meadow Mist Designs Outlined Plus pattern. She's got prizes and other fun stuff happening so it's worth checking out, and maybe even joining the fun. 

Also check out #outlinedplusquilt on Instagram, there has been lots of action on the hashtag. So far here is what I have. 14 blocks puts me at almost half done! 

The remaining pretty little stacks of fabric are sitting by my sewing machine waiting for a snow day so I can finish them up!  Fingers crossed.