February 16, 2016

February Sugar Block

Hello February!  Your take on the log cabin block is beautiful. 

It only took until February but we finally got our first snow day here in the Northeast! Snow day's happen to be the best because I am left with a whole day of no plans.  Translate to quilter's speak, a whole day to quilt without feeling guilty. 

Another added bonus. The ground is finally covered with snow, or there is something to bounce light and make everything brighter! Good thing because the days around here have been pretty dull and drab. 

Interested in the joining? Check out Sugar Block of the Month Club over at Stichery Dickory Dock.


  1. Hurrah for snow and a whole day of guilt-free sewing!

  2. Snow days are the best! Congrats on your day of guilt free sewing. Those blocks are very striking.

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  4. Those colors are so bold and beautiful! Nice choices. :)