September 12, 2016

Dog Days: Cloud 9 New Block Blog Hop

Hello and Welcome!! 

Hopefully you're stopping over from the 2016 New Block Blog Hop sponsored by Cloud 9 fabrics. If you already hang out around here stop by some other sites! Links are at the bottom of the page.  The hop will be happening over the next three days so keep an eye out for some new block creativity here in blogland. 

Summer in New England is officially over. The days are getting cooler and the nights are crisp. Fall clothing and warm coffee are now the trend. Although we are officially ready for Fall this block was thought up during those dog days of summer. In late August it was just to HOT to quilt. Instead I sat down with some graph paper and eventually this block was created. Rosa dog was lying next to me sweltering in the heat, hence the name.

2016 Color Palette 



Background - Sky: (2) 5 inch squares, (2) 5 inch by 3 inch, (4) 2.5 inch x 4.5 inch
Color 1 - Iris: (2) 5 inch by 3 inch, (2) 3 inch squares
Color 2 - Lilac: (8) 2.5 inch squares, (2) 3 inch squares
Color 3 - Amazon: (2) 5 inch squares

BLOCK PIECES: Each piece will be 4.5 inches square, unfinished.

Corner Blocks: 
To create the four corner pieces. 

Take the (2) background and (2) color 3 - 5 inch squares. Draw a line diagonally down the back of the background fabric with a pencil. With fabrics right sides together, sew a scant quarter inch from either side of the line. Cut down the center and press open. Trim to 4.5 inch square. 

Take (4) of the color 2 - 2.5 inch squares and draw a line diagonally down the back of the fabric with a pencil. Sew on the line to create a triangle in the corner of color 3, as shown below. 

To create the pinwheel center. 

Take the (2) color 1 and (2) color 2 - 3 inch squares. Draw a line diagonally down the back of the color 1 fabric with a pencil. With fabrics right sides together, sew a scant quarter inch from either side of the line. Cut down the center and press open. Trim to 2.5 inch square. 

Lay out the 4 half square triangles, as shown below, and sew together.

Left Side: 

To create the 4 large points - half square rectangles. 

Take the (2) background and (2) color 1 - 3 inch x 5 inch pieces and mark the background pieces with a diagonal line that is 1/8 of an inch from either corner, as shown below. Align the fabric diagonally with right sides together leaving an 1/8 inch gap, sew a scant quarter inch from either side of the line. Trim to 2.5 inch by 4.5 inch.

Right Side: 

To create the 4 small points.

Take (4) of the color 2 - 2.5 inch squares and draw a line diagonally down the back of the fabric with a pencil. Sew on the line to create a triangle in the corner of the background rectangle, as shown below. **Be sure to sew in the opposite direction of the left side point.

To create the 4 point pieces.

Take one left side and one right side and sew together along the center, as shown below, four times.


Lay the pieces out as shown to create a 9 patch. Sew blocks together to make rows, then sew the rows together. The block will be 12.5 inches square unfinished, and 12 inches square finished.

Check out all the new blocks being created throughout the week!

Monday, September 12th

Host: Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl

Tuesday, September 13th

Host: Cheryl @Meadow Mist Designs

Wednesday, September 14th

Host: Stephanie @Late Night Quilter


  1. This is a lovely block Chelsea! I'm showing mine tomorrow and thought I'd check to see how the experienced blogger tackled this post before it's too late.

  2. I do like your block Chelsea, and it looks great in the Cloud9 fabrics. Love your tutorial too, very clear.

  3. Lovely block - will look good as a repeat pattern too!

  4. What a pretty pinwheel. I'm thinking how astounding this would be in red, white, and blue.

  5. What a pretty block, and I love the title of the block! And I can't believe you put all our names and links to our blogs in your post. That's A LOT of work. Thanks, Mary.

  6. LOVE this block! This is such a fun blog much creativity!!!

  7. I like the sense of movement your block creates. Well done you! =)

  8. Your block is so pretty and what a great name for it. Here in Nevada we are still in dog days mode, 102°.

  9. Beautiful job, as always, Chelsea! Love the HRT that elongates the shape of the pinwheel. Awesome block!

  10. I really like your use of HRTs to extend the center star shape out and grow it long. The block is lovely and I am so glad you joined the hop!

  11. Hi Chelsea I am visiting for the first time as part of the Blog Hop. What a great block and really clear tutorial ... I'm hoping to have the time (some day) to make up some of these blocks and I would definitely give this one a try! I have to say I am quite envious that you are getting to wear autumn clothes - it was chilly this morning so I put on a jumper but by the time I was in town it was waaaaay to hot!

  12. I really like how you used HSTs and HRTs to make what could be a tricky bias edge work easily.

  13. I like the mix of a little traditional as well as some modern in your block. Nice job!

  14. I love the use of the Half Rectangle Triangles! This is such a dynamic block and I'd love to see it as a full quilt pattern!

  15. I'm obsessed with pinwheel blocks so of course add yours to the list. It's so pretty and the instruction so clear. Kudos to you 🙌.

  16. Gorgeous block, Chelsea! I really love the pinwheel :)

  17. Your block is so fun and I love the pinwheels! Beautiful work!

  18. Really great block, Chelsea! I'd never seen half square rectangles made like that before. It's clear that you put a lot of work into this.

  19. Great block! This would really look awesome in a whole quilt.

  20. This is a great block with lots of nice movement to it. i'm so impressed that you figured out how to do and explain 1/2 rectangle triangles....I'm itching to make some but the technique has evaded me so far l.o.l.

  21. Really beautiful block. It uses the colors so well! It looks like a fun one to make. I think it could be a really popular design. Great work.

  22. This is an awesome block! I cant wait to make some of these. A sampler quilt would be beautiful!

  23. This quilt is going to be beautiful, especially with these colors.

  24. Love the illusion of movement here. Great design!

  25. I love the spinning effect!! Just gorgeous!

  26. Ok you've convinced me to buy these solids. Love your pinwheel blocks. Thanks for the tutorial.

  27. Great block! How did you do your pics of the pinwheels in your tutorial? Did you use a drawing program? Well-written tutorial. I'm slowly making my way thru everyone's blocks and tutorials and yours is definitely a keeper. Thanks.

  28. I love pinwheel blocks and love your variation! Great, well written tutorial.


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