September 08, 2014

"Tone it Down!" Low Volume Swap

Michelle, over at From Bolt to Beauty, and I are doing a Low Volume Charm Swap this fall. I had jokingly mentioned doing a swap to help Michelle build her low volume stash on my Around the World Blog Hop post, and people said they would be interested. So, let's make this official!

Sorry, to all my international friends, due to postage and this being our first swap we are going to limit it to the United States only. If you are interested in doing an international swap leave a comment. Then next time we can open it up to our overseas friends, if there is enough interest :)


Fabric Type: Low Volume
Fabric Size: 5 inch Charms
Participants: 28 Peeps, first come first serve! Don't wait :)
Timeline: Fabrics Due, Monday October 6th, 2014
Fabric Returned: Mailed out, Monday October 20th, 2014
Yield: 56 charms, 2 of each print

  1. Each person will purchase 1 yard of fabric and cut it into 5 inch charm squares.  1 yard will yield 56 charms exactly, you may want to purchase 1.25 yards just in case of an oops when cutting.  
  2. Scale matters, choose prints that will work with a 5 inch square (smaller prints work the best for charms!)
  3. Fabric should be designer label, 100% cotton, quilt shop quality fabric. (No Hancock's, Joann's, or Michael's fabrics)  
  4. Fabric must be new and unwashed from a smoke free home.
  5. Before mailing cut the fabric into 56 - 5 inch x 5 inch charm squares. Press/iron before cutting to ensure accuracy. Unsure how to cut a charm, check out Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial
  6. Send your fabric in a Ziploc bag with an index card with your name and email address.
  7. Upload pictures of your fabric to swap to our Flickr group and include the name of the fabric, designer, etc. This will help ensure we won't get duplicates of fabric and also, find out more about the fabrics we will be receiving. Or, if you really love one of the prints and just want more, you will know how to get more! 


All participants must include a prepaid self-addressed, stamped envelope along with their charms when mailing. The best way is to include a prepaid priority mail envelope for $5.60, if it fits it ships :) This will make it faster for us to get your fabrics back to you A.S.A.P! 

Are you convinced yet? Head over to our Google Doc's page and sign up, or leave a message with your name (make sure you're not a no-reply blogger!) Remember this is first come first serve. The first five extra peeps will be placed on an alternate list in case anyone drops out. Also check out our Flickr group to see what everyone is getting before purchasing your fabric!

If you really hate low volume, the term, or the fabric, head over to Ellison Lane to find out the details on how to host your own swap. The post is very helpful and includes lots of tips to help make your swap run smoothly :) 

-Michelle & Chels


  1. I am interested in joining the low volume charm swap.

  2. I notice your fabrics are all neutral. I'm wondering if low volume fabrics with colors other than black will be included in the swap.

  3. i'm in! just added my name to the list! woot! woot!

  4. I love your stash in the basket. I recognise a couple of the prints I also have in my stash. When my fabric diet ends, these light background fabrics will be the first I restock. I am too far away to join in!

  5. Oh that sounds so much fun. I actually have very little low volume fabrics. Would love to add some to my stash.

  6. I tried to add my name to the list but I could see the list and I'd be #13. I couldn't type any info. onto the spreadsheet. If possible, I would like to be included. I don't have a web site but do have a Flickr account. Please let me know. Thanks. Mary

    1. Mary can you send me an e-mail with your information. You're a no-reply blogger and I cannot reply :(. You have a place holder so far. Also the document doesn't work from an iPad you need to sign onto a computer.

  7. What a great way to build up your low volume stash :)

  8. Boo hoo! I wanna play but live down under / Australia maybe next time but great idea

  9. Can't believe I bumped Patch from his usual spot in the sign-off! : )

  10. I am definitely interested, but I am in Canada - maybe next time :)

  11. I just signed up! It's my first swap, and I've been looking for some variety in my low volumes - plus my local quilt shop has a sale this week!

  12. I'd love to be part of the charm swap! Count me in! Just signed up.

  13. Great idea, hope you have fun - being in Ireland I can't join in. I share a low volume bundle from westwood acres with a quilty buddy every month and love seeing the variety there is in such a simple colour scheme.

  14. I would love to join in, if there are spots open. :)

  15. Any chance you will be hosting another low volume swap anytime soon? I'd love to participate!