November 28, 2014

Mosaic Me

Hopefully everyone enjoyed family, friends, and serious carb over load yesterday. But, more importantly I hope everyone saved room for desert. I took a break from quilting, to enjoy everything Thanksgiving has to offer and reflect on all the reasons I have to be thankful. Which are in fact, many.  This also got me thinking to all the things in my life which make me happy ... 

As a little mind relaxation, I thought it might be fun to create a "things I currently love" mosaic. This journey started by going through my pins on Pinerest to find some happy things. Clearly I love giraffes, that one is a no-brainer. Somethings you might not know about me is my huge sweet tooth, hello cake. Also, I love to grow things. Succulents are a new obsession, along with my old obsession, stargazer lilies. I love farmhouse/americana decor, love the color teal, and currently in love with low volume fabric. The shoes are just adorable, no explanation necessary! 

1. Churn Dash Quilt  2. Felt Flowers  3. Polka Dot Cake  4. Toy Giraffe 
5. Giraffes  6. Country Cottage  7. Lace Oxfords  8. Succulents
9. Strawberry Bunting  10. Giraffe Print  11. Farmer's Wife Quilt  12. Stargazer Lilies 
13. Heart Giraffe Spot  14. Teal Pumpkin Truck  15. American Flag  16. Low Volume Quilt 

You may notice my Farmer's Wife Quilt up in this mosaic of happiness, and remember my disappointment with all my lost points. I am glad to say that the whole project is growing on me and now I am not so discouraged, but seeing it with all those other happy things gives a new life :) 

My challenge to you all ... create a "things you love" mosaic and share what currently makes you happy. 

-Patch & Chels


  1. I really like how all the things that make you happy are so well coordinated with one another! :) This sounds like a fun challenge, I might think about it for a bit tonight!

  2. What a lovely idea, those shoes would make me happy too :)

  3. Brilliant idea Chelsea - I love this - so right about the shoes!

  4. Mine would be simple: my dog and my husband would top list, followed by friends and family. The cat dropped off the ranking after a week of waking me up at 4.30 am. :)

  5. Such beautiful pictures! How did you make the mosaic? I have used Picasa but haven't figured out how to do the link list. Thanks!

    1. Check out this link! I use PicMonkey to make mine but I think that requires a subscription.

  6. OOOOHHHH. Lace oxfords! Are they yours?? or just a pic? Love those! Nice post and thank you for sharing!!

  7. Great mosaic! Just went to the zoo this morning and the giraffes were my favorite. I could have watched them for an hour!

  8. Nice idea! I'm like Kathy@ KayakQuilting and could use some pointers to make a mosaic. Love all yours!

  9. What a great mosaic, it is a great collection of images, inspiring and yet very content and peaceful.