May 22, 2016

Twisted Nines: Tutorial

Twisted Nines is an easy baby quilt, perfect for beginners who want to take their quilting to the next step. The quilt finishes at 39 inches square.

To start you are going to need 2 charm packs (Dot. Dot. Dash-), and a quarter yard of solid fabric (Kona Midnight). I used fabric from yardage but if you can also use a fat quarter.
*Charm packs need to have 42 pieces of fabric each.

Disappearing 9 Patch Block: (Click the link if you are not familiar with this block)
To start sew the charm squares into a three by three block. You will use 9 charm squares for each block. Cut down the center vertically and horizontally to create four smaller blocks. Here is a visual. You will have 36 small blocks and 3 charm squares left over when finished.

The Twist: 
From the solid fabric cut three (if using yardage) 3 inch wide strips.  Subcut into 36 - 3 inch squares. Then mark a line diagonally across the square, sew along line. Trim excess a quarter inch from the sewn line. Press open. If you would like a shortcut, try the Frog Tape Trick.

Each block consists of 4 smaller blocks arranged the same way. Create 9 blocks in total. Then arrange them in a 3 by 3 layout. Sew the block together and you're finished!

Larger Size: 
Increase the size by using 3 charm packs. Sew the disappearing nine patch block, you will end up with 56 small blocks and no remaining charm squares. Cut your (1/2 yard) of solid fabric into 3 inch strips and subcut into 56 - 3 inch squares. Sew following the twist directions. Layout blocks in a 7 by 8 configuration.  Final quilt size will measure approximately, 45 inches by 52 inches.

Fabric Used: - 1.75 yards
Net Loss: - 72 yards YTD


  1. What a bright and fun quilt top and an excellent way to use up a charm square pack. Lovely tutorial!

  2. New to quilting, don't understand what subcuts, charm packs or a disappearing nine patch block are. Please give more graphic or visual instructions for us newbies to grasp what you are meaning. Very colourful babies' quilt you have created.

    1. I am an experienced quilter and couldn't follow the directions. Cute quilt though.

    2. I understand your confusion! When I started quilting a couple of years ago, I had to go look up what the terms were in order to follow the patterns.

      charm pack - 42 (usually) 5 inch squares of fabric consisting of all one solid
      color or a sampling of all the coordinating fabrics in a line.

      nine patch block - 9 identically sized squares of fabric sewn into a 3 block
      by 3 block square.

      disappearing nine patch - taking a 9 patch block and cutting it in 4 (or more)
      pieces, rearranging the pieces and then putting it
      back together. Sometimes all of the pieces from one
      9 patch are kept together, or as this quilt, the cut
      pieces of multiple 9 patch blocks are all mixed

      Subcut - cutting a piece of fabric that you just cut into smaller pieces. For
      example, to make
      a bunch of 3" solid colored squares, take your solid fabric yardage
      and cut several selvage-to-selvage strips 3" wide. Then, cut each of
      those strips every 3 inches to make squares.

      Another tip: Instead of marking the back of the squares with a stitch line to sew on the diagonal, you can fold and press them to make a line to sew on.

  3. What a lovely quilt! Thank you for the tutorial. I've not yet made a disappearing 9 patch and love love love your take on it. Thank you for posting.

  4. Very cute quilt! And I even have 2 charm packs of the dot-dot-dash laying around in my stash! Might have to make this as one of our guild's charity quilts.

  5. What a fun twist on the D9P! It looks great!

  6. Cute quilt! Love the tutorial. I have a layer cake. If I cut the layer cake down the middle both ways to make 4 charm packs and have a yard of solid I could use. Can you tell me how large the quilt would be? thank you so much.

  7. forgot to leave my email on last comment - thank you again!

  8. A lovely quilt and thanks for the tutorial. I was looking at the blue corners and thinking if 2 colours were used then the 4 corners put into the centre, it would create a different affect - something I will have to 'test' when I can get around to making it :)

  9. Great spin on the D9P, love it! Thanks for the tutorial, love how bright and fun your quilt is!

  10. I love the solid corners that you added for the twist! They look like little butterflies all over the quilt.

  11. what a fun quilt, i really like the added touch to the disappearing nine patch!!!

  12. Your choice of solid for the twist is what makes this work. The high contrast is key -- love it!

  13. What a great simple pattern! I really like how the hourglass shapes pop against the charm packs.

  14. Thanks Chelsea! Adding this to my wish list!!